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Matthew Packman’s ‘Morbid Colors’ Comes to Physical and Streaming Media in December

Morbid Colors is one of my favorite types of vampire films, the kind where hunters that are either slayers or infected hit the road to try to find the bloodsucker that either killed their family or bit them or someone they love. PopHorror covered it back in February (read the …

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‘98.6%’ Horror Short Review: Karma Never Tasted So Good


Just the other day the gorgeous and incredibly talented Cindy Maples presented to me her newest short feature, 98.%. That name instantly had me interested and I couldn’t wait to check it out as Cindy was eagerly passionate about this project. From Carriage House Productions comes a unique horror short …

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WiHM 2018 Interview with Filmmaker/Actress Cindy Maples

Women in Horror Month is such a special time for me. As a woman in horror myself, I feel proud to be a part of such an amazing community and to know so many talented women, especially in the indie horror community. Actress/filmmaker Cindy Maples is, hands down, one of …

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‘Hell’s Half Acre’ (2017) Horror Short – The Legends Are True

Hell's Half Acre

Investigating the paranormal is all fun and games until things go terribly wrong… All this and more happens in the new horror short called Hell’s Half Acre. Was it worth a watch? Read my review and find out. Brought to you by Fuller & Green Productions, Hell’s Half Acre was …

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‘Moving In’ (2017) – Horror Short Review

When people move into a new home, they’re moving into something with a rich past. Sometimes you have to wonder who the people were before you and what they left behind. What if you found something left by the owners that turned into a nightmare? All this and more happens …

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Random (2015) A Romantically Disturbing Horror Short

I’m always searching for new horror material and, lucky for me, I was introduced to some horror shorts that Cindy Maples was involved in. First, let’s discuss Random… which is the perfect name for this wonderfully bizarre short.  Not only does Random star Maples, but she also directed and wrote this horror short, …

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