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The Case for ‘HELLRAISER: INFERNO’ (2000) – Movie Review

Hellraiser: Inferno

The Hellraiser franchise has been rife with some of the worst, most unwatchable films that have ever been made. The Weinsteins drug it out in the hopes for a reboot that never came, at least not under their supervision. This continued until there were more straight-to-video Hellraiser films than there …

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‘MY BLOODY VALENTINE’ (1981) Vinyl Soundtrack LP Available From Waxwork Records

Waxwork Records does it again with its latest horror soundtrack release, the Deluxe Vinyl LP release of My Bloody Valentine (1981) by Paul Zaza! Check it out! From Waxwork Records Waxwork Records is thrilled to release MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) Original Motion Picture Score by Paul Zaza! Praised by directors Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as one of …

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Gravitas Ventures Releases Trailer For Howard J. Ford’s ‘DARKGAME’ (2024)


Gravitas Ventures has released a new trailer for their upcoming horror feature, DarkGame! Read on for the details and watch the trailer below! Synopsis A police detective races to save the captives of a dark web game show, where the losers are executed via live broadcast. For the sadistic masked …

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‘DeepStar Six’ (1989): Not All Aliens Come From Space! – Retro Review

DeepStar Six

Growing up as a teenager in the late ’80s was a blast — especially if you were a sci-fi/horror fan! While the ’80s ushered in the golden era of slashers, genre films like The Terminator, Aliens, and The Fly blended sci-fi and horror seamlessly. Video stores ruled the home entertainment …

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Domiziano Cristopharo Announces ‘6 SONGS’ Anthology

6 Songs

Domiziano Cristopharo (Eldorado, read our review here) is a modern-day, extreme horror maestro. We at PopHorror have followed the writer/director/producer/cinematographer’s career for some time now (read our 2017 interview) and are always curious to see what he’s up to next! Cristopharo sends word about his next project, 6 SONGS, an international …

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Horror Icons, Activate! ‘THE ACTIVATED MAN’ (2023) – Review

The Activated Man

Nicholas Gyeney’s surreal horror film, The Activated Man, premiered recently at Dances With Films Festival. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to check it out recently when PopHorror interviewed the folks behind the film (interview coming soon – stay tuned). What did I think? Watch the trailer below, …

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