Population Purge

Brian Johnson’s ‘Population Purge’ (2024) – Movie Review

Brian Johnson’s Population Purge is about a post apocalyptic world where people are paying for their sins to society.

Check out the trailer below, then read on for my thoughts!

Population Purge was written by Brian Johnson (Uncle Otto’s Truck 2019) and Toby Osborne and directed by Johnson. The film stars S. Lamar Wilson, Peter Holland, and Lyndsey Soto. It has won awards at numerous festivals including Best Feature Film / Best Cinematography at the 2023 Los Angeles Cinematography Film Festival, Best First Time Director of a Feature Film at the Best Actor & Director Awards, and Best Feature Under $250,000at the 2023 International New York Film Festival.

In a dystopian world where a radical government has unleashed a deadly poison to control population, only those with blood type AB positive remain unscathed. But instead of outright death, the rest of the population is left to suffer in a state of chronic illness, causing widespread chaos and panic. As the majority slowly succumbs to the effects of the poison, their only hope lies in receiving transfusions of AB positive blood from the few immune survivors, like Charlie and his granddaughter, Maya.

Living in the decrepit remains of an abandoned amusement park, Charlie is a renegade supplier of blood to the underground market. But their sanctuary is threatened by the iron-fisted rule of District 22’s ruthless warden, Onslow, who will stop at nothing to save his own dying son. As Charlie and Maya fight to defend their haven and their own sanity, the eccentric duo must navigate through a world of danger and betrayal. The movie starts as we close in on Maya and a couple others who are a part of the rebels.

My Thoughts

What i liked about Population Purge is the storyline between Maya and her grandfather. You can see how strong the connection is between them. How Maya will fight for her grandfather every step of the way is remarkable. That being said, the story went in so many different directions, never focusing primarily on one or two characters. I believe Charlie’s storyline could have been better explored. The special effects department did a great job, and the blood was believable. The lighting and sound were good, although the sound did cut out a little bit in places.

What i didn’t like about Population Purge was the amount of cursing in it and the violence. I expected that there would be a good amount of violence, but I didn’t realize that it would be so graphic or full of cursing. The actor’s performances are good but the storyline did drag out a little bit. I believe the amount of explanation was needed because of the plot, but I also feel the final film could have been trimmed down to about an hour. I don’t recommend Population Purge for kids unless they are teens that can handle the cursing.

Final Thoughts

I recommend Population Purge to anyone who likes a good horror thriller action movie. If I get the chance, I may watch it again.

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