Kara Gray as Myca in Morbid Colors

Movie Review: ‘Morbid Colors’ (2020) is a Morbidly Beautiful and Heartbreaking Tale of Sisterhood

Morbid Colors is a horror-thriller that I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into and I finally did. This film was written and directed by Matthew Packman (MARGO) and co-executive produced by stars Kara Gray (PAYTON’S BURDEN) and Lanae Hyneman. Alongside them stars Angela Fisher, Emily Durchholz, Sidney Shripka, Jonathon Beavers, Drew Beasely, Jakob Bilinski, Allen Thatcher, and Cindy Maples.

Morbid Colors

Synopsis for Morbid Colors 

A tale of two foster sisters that have their relationship pushed to the edge as they embark on a troubled voyage to cure the elder sibling’s thirst for human blood.

Although it took me forever to get around to finally watching this film (I apologize) it was well worth the wait. This is a beautifully morbid and heartbreaking tale about sisterhood, loyalty, and the lengths some will go through to help the ones they love. Although it’s a very unique film, it also reminded me of past favorites like Ginger Snaps. In both films, the two main characters have a deep bond between them yet one character is also far more selfish than the other.

Kara Gray as Myca and Lanae Hyneman as Devin in Morbid Colors
Kara Gray as Myca and Lanae Hyneman as Devin in Morbid Colors

Speaking of characters, Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman were phenomenal and delivered fantastic performances that were strong, emotional, and heartbreaking. Lanae’s character, Devin, was diehard loyal and would do anything to help her sister. Meanwhile Kara Gray’s character, Myca, despite her sister’s efforts to help, always seemed to find trouble and rarely seemed thankful for all that Devin was doing. In the end, though, you could tell the love was equally strong from both parties, they just showed it differently. I also can’t forget to mention the lovely Cindy Maples. She’s always a delight to watch and I loved her character in this.

Kara Gray as Myca in Morbid Colors
Kara Gray as Myca in Morbid Colors

Throughout the film, you’re left feeling a bit hopeless as it doesn’t seem like the characters have any chance of curing the sickness that has consumed Myca. Each lucky break or sign of hope they get was followed by a trail of chaos. That being said, I loved the ending and how everything turned out.

Final Thoughts

This film was uniquely dark and morbid with moments of fun driven by chaos and showed the true meaning of love and friendship. I hope others get a chance to experience this film and all that it has to offer. Morbid Colors is in the process of seeking distribution and I promise to keep everyone updated!

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