Hell's Half Acre

‘Hell’s Half Acre’ (2017) Horror Short – The Legends Are True

Investigating the paranormal is all fun and games until things go terribly wrong… All this and more happens in the new horror short called Hell’s Half Acre. Was it worth a watch? Read my review and find out.

Brought to you by Fuller & Green Productions, Hell’s Half Acre was co-directed by Chad Fuller and Matt Green as well as written by Fuller. The film stars Alonzo Pennington, Andy Grace, Shannon Stockin, James Stokes, Lee Vervoort, Cindy Maples, Evan Logsdon, Nathan Carson, Caia England, Matt Green, Kathy West, Chad Fuller, Nathan Austin, and Karol Welch.

Official Synopsis:

A paranormal team on their way from another investigation stop in Kentucky for a look at a locally haunted place called Hell’s Half Acre. Soon, things go terribly wrong.

With a runtime close to 30 minutes, Hell’s Half Acre is a fun horror short that’ll be perfect to watch around Halloween, especially if you love investigating haunted places. It’s an entertaining story with great characters and gruesome kills.

The film leans more towards a horror comedy with plenty of entertaining dialogue, but it’s not light on the horror; there’s plenty of blood splatter throughout the film. The beginning is probably the most shocking – it doesn’t take long before the first person to bite the dust.

I dug all the characters in Hell’s Half Acre. Cindy Maples is only in it for a brief moment. Her character was vile and ruthless, yet somehow, Cindy’s charm still shone through. The same goes with The Walking Dead’s Lee Vervoort. Who doesn’t love that guy? However, Greg, played by Andy Grace, was my favorite. He brought the comedy relief and muttering repeatedly, “This investigation was a bad idea.” I feel like I would be the Greg in the group if put in this situation.

From beginning to end, the kills shed no mercy. Although there was nothing extraordinary looking about the killer, his simplicity made him all the more terrifying. He’s reminiscent of slashers like Jason Voorhees, Michael, Myers, and The Wicked One.

Final Thoughts:

Hell’s Half Acre will be coming out on October 14th. When it does, add it to your list of movies to watch during October (our favorite time of year), because it most certainly is one that will put you in the mood for spooky festivities!


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