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Creature Feature ‘STING’ Releases Poster and Trailer


I’ve been a fan of Kiah Roache-Turner since I first saw Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead when it came out on Blu-Ray. I’ve followed and devoured his subsequent films: The Ghostbusters-influenced Nekrotronic and the follow-up to Wyrmwood, Wyrmwood: Apocalypse. I’ve been anxiously awaiting news on his latest, Sting since it was first …

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‘MURDARITAVILLE’ (2024) – Movie Review

I never thought I would see a horror comedy inspired by the music of Jimmy Buffet, but here we are. Murdaritaville is a film following a group of friends being killed off by a half-bird creature who kills people who aren’t big enough fans of Jimmy Buffet. Synopsis A group …

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‘DeepStar Six’ (1989): Not All Aliens Come From Space! – Retro Review

DeepStar Six

Growing up as a teenager in the late ’80s was a blast — especially if you were a sci-fi/horror fan! While the ’80s ushered in the golden era of slashers, genre films like The Terminator, Aliens, and The Fly blended sci-fi and horror seamlessly. Video stores ruled the home entertainment …

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Fantasia Fest 2023: Interview With Filmmaker Maude Michaud For ‘The Monster Inside My Head’

Note: This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SGA-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, The Monster Inside My Head being covered here wouldn’t exist. It’s my favorite time of year! No, not Halloween or Christmas. My other favorite time! It’s Fantasia International …

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Dude, Where’s My Egg? ‘THE LAKE’ (2022) – Review

The Lake

From Epic Pictures and directors, Lee Thongkham (The Maid) (read our interview with Lee here) and Aquig Xu, is an exciting new horror/thriller: The Lake. The Lake (2022) Synopsis A girl finds a strange egg and brings it back to her village, only to later realize it was from a …

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Denzel Whitaker Knows The Importance Of Nuance – The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster Actor Interview

While this interview is spoiler-free, I’m still going to tell you to see The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster if you haven’t already! And in case you missed the review, you can check it out here. What I appreciated about The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster was the nuance. But …

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The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

The Dawn of Horror Noire Horror noire is coming through in a big way! And what better way to contribute than with a Mary Shelly-inspired tale? The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster takes the core of Frankenstein, and weaves in relevant, poignant moments that are relatable to so many. …

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‘CRYPTID’ (2023) Review – Just Another Creature Feature? Or Something More?

At first glance, the crowdfunded indie film Cryptid may look like just another B-movie creature feature. I found it to be more than that. How much more? Check out the trailer, then read on for the full review! The Story Harriet (Ellen Adair) and Max (Nicholas Baroudi) give us a …

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Zach Passero’s Animated, ’80s Throwback Creature Feature, ‘The Weird Kidz’ (2023) – Movie Review

I love animated films. You can create so much with animation—animals, explosions, car chases, and of course, bloody gruesome deaths—without the added expense of traveling, location scouting, permits, lodging… Sure, it might not have the same impact on your audience, especially if they’re the kind of people who think “cartoons …

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