My Top 10 Most Shocking Non-Horror Movies

Even though I write for a horror magazine, I love all movies, especially when directors inject tension into comedies, violence into dramas, and insert dreamlike scenes that dissolve into terror. But “shocking” doesn’t just mean violence. It can mean anything that disturbs the audience. That clarified – let’s get to …

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Tod Browning’s ‘FREAKS’ and the Stormy Skies of Mob Justice


“Freaks” is an abnormal-yet-lovable 1932 American pre-code dramatic horror film directed by Tod Browning, based on Spurs, a 1923 story by Tod Robbins. The film tells the story of a group of circus performers, often referred to as “freaks,” and explores themes of acceptance, solidarity, and the consequences of cruelty. Much …

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A Real ‘Christine’? The Curse of James Dean’s ‘Little Bastard’

James Dean

Here we are during the most superstitious time of year, looking back on the rough year behind us, and making a long list of plans and wishes for the new one just a few days away. John Carpenter’s awesome film adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine (1983) turned 40 this month. …

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