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‘THE EXORCIST’ (1973) Heads To 4K UHD For Its 50th Anniversary

The Exorcist

Celebrate 100 years of Warner Bros. and 50 years of The Exorcist with an all-new 4K release of the 1973 horror classic! The William Friedkin classic is coming your way soon, in glorious UHD! Read on for the details! From THE EXORCIST 4K UHD Press Release Celebrating the 50th anniversary …

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‘CHUCKY’ Sequels 4 – 7 Collector’s Edition 4K UHD + Blu-rays Coming Soon

“Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?” If you’re a Child’s Play fanatic, rejoice! The folks at Scream Factory are bringing you films 4, 5, 6, and 7 from the venerable killer doll series, and each release is loaded with special features. Check it out! From The Scream Factory Press Release EVIL …

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Now Available on Blu-ray from Scream Team Releasing: ‘CRUEL SUMMER 1 and 2’

Cruel Summer

Available now on Blu-ray from Scream Team Releasing: Cruel Summer and Cruel Summer 2. Cruel Summer Synopsis: From director Scott Tepperman comes a new tale of slasher terror! A group of college students plan one final pre-graduation party at a secluded lake house for the ultimate “80s murder mystery” weekend, …

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Coming Soon: ‘CREEPSHOW’ (1982) Collector’s Edition 4K UHD Blu-Ray

Coming soon from Scream Factory and director George A. Romero: Creepshow Collector’s Edition 4K UHD Blu-ray combo pack. From The Press Release Available for the first time being released in 4K UHD™ format, this highly anticipated release features a new 4K scan (2023) from the original camera negative in Dolby …

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Jon Wright’s ‘UNWELCOME’ Blu-ray: Full of Fun Extras

I have a confession to make – while I own a Blu-ray player, I don’t actually own any Blu-rays. It was a hand-me-down and I use it for my old DVDs as I am a digital girl. That being said, when I was given the chance to review the Blu-ray …

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Coming Soon to Blu-ray + Digital Steelbook: ‘MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE’

Coming Soon to Blu-ray and Digital Steelbook is a film written and directed by Stephen King: Maximum Overdrive. The film stars Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Club), Pat Hingle (Hang ‘Em High), and Laura Harrington (Paulie). Maximum Overdrive Synopsis Get ready for the ultimate battle of man vs. bloodthirsty machine in …

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‘LOVERS LANE’ (1999) Heads To Blu-ray From Arrow Video

Valentine’s Day slashers aren’t super common. Of course, you have the staples: the original My Bloody Valentine (1981) plus the 2009 remake, and Valentine (2001), but after that, it gets a little sparse. Enter Lovers Lane (1999), an oft-forgotten V-Day slasher starring Scary Movie‘s Anna Faris. Who remembers? Arrow Video …

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Coming Soon to Blu-Ray: Horror Revenge Film ‘THE RETALIATORS’ (2021)

The Retaliators

Coming soon to Blu-ray from Better Noise Films and directors Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Michael Lombardi, and Bridget Smith is a new horror film: The Retaliators. You can read our review here! The film stars March Menchaca (Ozark – TV Series), Joseph Gatt (Titanic 666), and Katie Kelly (Sno Babies). The …

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Radiance Films to Release Jean-Denis Bonan’s Lost Thriller ‘A WOMAN KILLS’

A Woman Kills

After 55 years, Radiance Films is proud to announce the limited edition Blu-ray release of director Jean-Denis Bonan’s (Bleu Palebourg) lost thriller: A Woman Kills. The film stars Claude Merlin (Moliere), Solange Pradel (World on a Wire), and Myriam Mezieres (A Flame in My Heart). A WOMAN KILLS Synopsis A …

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