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‘MURDARITAVILLE’ (2024) – Movie Review

I never thought I would see a horror comedy inspired by the music of Jimmy Buffet, but here we are. Murdaritaville is a film following a group of friends being killed off by a half-bird creature who kills people who aren’t big enough fans of Jimmy Buffet. Synopsis A group …

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Interview with Actor/Writer/Director Spooky Madison

Spooky Madison

I’m a huge fan of Tory Jones and recently I watched his latest film, Phantom Fun World. My favorite character in the film is Collins, played wonderfully by Spooky Madison. This film introduced me to this immensly talented actor/writer/filmmaker and I’ve been a fan ever since. Recently I took the …

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‘PINK RABBIT’ (2022) – Movie Review

Pink Rabbit

When I was given the chance to review Turkish-born German-based filmmaker Zetkin Yikilmis’ Pink Rabbit, I didn’t have a clue what to expect outside of the plot description and honestly that was probably for the best for me as I went in with no expectations. Pink Rabbit was a crazy …

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‘REDHEAD’ (2023) – Movie Review

What would you do if the only man you ever truly loved was killed in front of you and you barely made it out alive? Would you sit at home and isolate with your grief? Or would you take revenge? This is the question Autumn has to ask herself in …

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Damien Leone’s ‘ALL HALLOWS’ EVE’ (2013) – 10 Years Later

After the unexpected, lucrative success of Terrifier 2, (read our review here) and the promise of Terrifier 3, it is important to recognize the significance of 2013’s All Hallows’ Eve, and its introduction of Art the Clown. Much like Takashi Shimizu’s Ju-on series, Art’s creative father, Damien Leone, nurtured this …

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Why ‘HELEN’S DEAD’ Breathes Life Into Mystery Movies – Review

Helen’s Dead isn’t a typical horror film. Directed by K. Asher Levin with a screenplay by Amy Brown Carver, it’s more of a horror whodunit, a modern-day Clue. Packed with ‘cringe’ moments that satirize today’s social media culture, this film offers a fresh and nuanced peek into the modern zeitgeist …

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