‘Moving In’ (2017) – Horror Short Review

When people move into a new home, they’re moving into something with a rich past. Sometimes you have to wonder who the people were before you and what they left behind. What if you found something left by the owners that turned into a nightmare? All this and more happens in the horror short Moving In!

moving in

Recently, Carriage House Productions took part in a challenge. The challenge was to create a 2 minute or less short film inspired by The Conjuring universe and the upcoming film Annabelle: Creation. That is how Moving In came about.

Official Synopsis:

As Rick and Vanessa move into their new “old” house, something sinister is also unpacking and moving in.

Moving In was directed and written by Cindy Maples, who also stars in the film, along with Rusty James and Bobette Riales. Chelsea Casanova and Rae D. Hines were part of the talented crew. It has a run time less than 2 minutes and it blew me away!

As I began to watch this short, I wondered how they would deliver a scary doll story in a brief period of time. However, they nailed it on all points: suspenseful, creative, and absolutely horrifying. It has a run-time less than 2 minutes and it freaking blew me away.

I loved the story. Moving into a new house is an exciting and scary process, but finding a creepy doll is never a good thing. When she goes to check the room and screams, the audience expects to discover a killer doll on the loose. What Vanessa finds is far more terrifying than a little Chucky or Annabelle running around, though. Trapped in a doll… forever.

What a brilliant way to go about this. Chucky spent years trying to get his soul into Andy’s body, yet this chick does it within minutes. One has to wonder how many times this has happened before? What’s the history of the doll? Will it happen again?

Cindy Maples, as per usual, is a delight to watch on screen. However, what truly impressed me this time was her talent of not only writing but directing a film that is way stronger than some of the current block busters out there. Chelsea Casanova also did awesome work with the cinematography and film editing. 

Although this film is the perfect horror short, it would also be excellent as a full-feature. Moving In is definitely going to receive a lot of love and positive feedback. Please check out the contest here – http://www.myannabellecreation.com/.

You can also check out the short for yourself by clicking the clip down below. Enjoy!


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