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Paranormal Erotica Tale, ‘His Room,’ Written By Devin Shea – Book Review

Today, we’re talking about Devin Shea’s book, His Room, a dark romance thriller high up on the paranormal erotica vein. It is also Shea’s debut novella. The story follows Hazel Moreau, a young woman trying to kickstart her post-college life in a new place. She ends up finding beautiful old …

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‘Demon Dagger’ by Russell James – Book Review

I’m a hue fan of of the Winchester boys, so when I heard that Russell James’ new book, Demon Dagger, was being called “a fast-paced, chilling tale of darkness and vengeance for fans of the TV series Supernatural…” I was pretty excited to check it out. Synopsis: LA County Sheriff’s …

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Graphic Novel Review: Halloween Girl: Charlotte’s Web – Vol 2: Why Does It Have To Be Spiders?!

Halloween Girl: Charlotte's Web

The adventure continues for angst-ridden, teen ghost, Charlotte Williams in Vol 2 of the Halloween Girl graphic novel series from Richard Wilson (read my interview with him – HERE). Based on characters that first appeared in ’The Halloween Girl’ film and its sister web series, ‘Under the Flowers’, Charlotte, alongside her …

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Book Review: Kayla Cottingham’s Morbidly Beautiful Debut ‘My Dearest Darkest’ (2022)

My Dearest Darkest

When I first read the synopsis for Kayla Cottingham’s My Dearest Darkest, I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I hadn’t ready anything quite like this in sometime. However, I’m glad I gave it a shot because it only took a few pages before I was completely invested …

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Book Review: Chelsea Ichaso’s ‘Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets (2022) – The Perfect Murder Mystery

Dead Girls Can't Tell Secrets.

I have yet to read Chelsea Ichaso’s Little Creepy Things, but after reading Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets… I’m officially a fan of her work. This was the perfect young adult murder mystery. I’m a pretty busy woman, but I managed to read this in 2 days and I couldn’t …

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Mark Cassell’s ‘Parasite Crop’ (2022) – Book Review And Author Interview

A few years ago, we reviewed the novella, Hell Cat Of The Holt (2017 – our review), by horror author Mark Cassell (our interview), and we were big fans. Now, we’re back with another release from the author called Parasite Crop. How does this one compare? Mark Cassell’s Parasite Crop …

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‘The Boy With the Spider Face’ By AJ Franks – Book Review

Bugs of any kind give me a creepy, crawly feeling. Spiders are at the top of that list with their spindly legs and webbing. So, it goes without being said that The Boy with the Spider Face gave me the creepy crawlies. The first novella from AJ Franks presents the …

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‘Warped And Faded: Weird Wednesday And The Birth Of The American Genre Film Archive:’ The Ultimate Bookend For Genre Fans – Book Review

Deep in the heart of Texas back in the late 1990s, an independent theater focusing on arthouse, horror, and exploitation cinema was established. Intent on bringing audiences unparalleled viewing experiences complete with beer and renegade programming, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema solidified its residency in Austin. Proudly engaging with its early …

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