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Gun Interactive Reveals Launch Date and Technical Test for ‘THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE’ Game

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Gun Interactive (Friday the 13th: The Game) has revealed the launch date and technical test for  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. The game will launch on August 18, 2023, and the official technical playtest is set for May 25, 2023.  Eligibility for the test will be limited, but further …

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WIN A Signed Poster/Digital Copy Of Outright Games’ New Release, ‘The Last Kids On Earth and the Staff Of Doom’!

I’ve been a reader of Max Brallier’s (read our interview with him here) The Last Kids On Earth books series for years now, so when I heard that a video game version was in the works from Outright Games and Stage Clear Studios, I was beyond thrilled. I work in …

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Previously Known As ‘Cannibal Holocaust,’ ‘Borneo – A Jungle Nightmare’ Video Game Set To Be Released This Summer

The Cannibal Holocaust video game has undergone some interesting changes to its name and is now announced to be released this summer. Although quite the controversial film, we all have to admit that, for many horror writers and directors, 1980’s Cannibal Holocaust (read our retro review here) was a major …

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Everything We Know About ‘Resident Evil 3’… So Far

Resident Evil 3

When the very first trailer for the Resident Evil 3 remake released, I was skeptical. I may be one of the biggest Resident Evil fans you know, and I am all for character remodeling. However, the refurbishing of Nemesis wasn’t something that I was behind. There’s been another recent trailer …

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‘Agony’ Spinoff, ‘Succubus,’ Gets New Trailer

Madmind Studios, the developers behind horror game Agony, have released a new trailer for the game’s upcoming spin-off, Succubus. This new title follows the main character from the first game as they’ve become the succubus, Vydija. The trailer shows off a new enemy type for the game, the cherub. While …

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‘The Exorcist: Legion’ Deluxe Edition Coming to Steam!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of an exorcism? Is The Exorcist one of your favorite films? Well, look no further than The Exorcist: Legion. With Halloween just a few short weeks away, now is the time to jump into one of the scariest VR experiences …

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Video Game ‘Anthology of Fear’ Coming To PC and Nintendo Switch

Anthology Of Fear

Anthology of Fear is a story driven, first-person psychological horror game that focuses on game world problem solving. Players immerse themselves in three heroic stories spanning several separate, completely unique events. It is the latest game from developer RG Crew and publisher Ultimate Games S.A., and it’s coming soon for …

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‘Terrorarium’ Video Game Review – ‘Lemmings’ Meets ‘Angry Birds’

Terrorarium – yes, that is tricky to say – is a game of destruction and cute gore, which is apparently a thing in this murder gardens game. The description for Terrorarium reads as follows: Maker Mode builds deadly levels filled with lava pits to murderous plants that you can share …

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E3 2019 ‘Blair Witch’ Game Trailer Announcement: Time to Head Back to Burkittsville

During Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, which was held on June 9, 2019, there were a slew of amazing and surprising video game announcements. However, there was one in particular that will excite all the hardcore horror fans. The game that they revealed is none other than Blair Witch! Check …

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