Movie Review: Alessio Liguori’s ‘Shortcut’ (2021) Is ‘Goonies’ Meets ‘The Descent’

If you love a little adventure and humor with your horror, Shortcut may be for you. This film was directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci. It stars Jack Kane, Sophie Jane Oliver, Zander Emlano, Molly Dew, and Zak Sutcliffe.


Synopsis for Shortcut

A group of five British teenagers are taking their usual school bus home when an unexpected detour turns their night into a nightmare. But this isn’t your average night, as a rare lunar eclipse is on the cards, as Nolan (Jack Kane) and his classmates; Bess (Sophie Jane Oliver), Karl (Zander Emlano), Queenie (Molly Dew) and Reggie (Zak Sutcliffe) soon discover.

I can best describe this film as Goonies meets The Descent. A group of teenagers go on quite the unexpected adventure and find horror and mayhem lurking around every corner. Along the way, they uncover new and mysterious things that would be groundbreaking if it weren’t for the bloodthirsty creature chasing after them.


All of the performances were great and the casting was spot on. A band of misfits teaming up together to fight off evil, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A tale as old as time, but it worked really well for Shortcut. Another bonus about Shortcut was the awesome special effects and creature design. It was creepy but not over the top. Pretty spot on to what I pictured it would look like.


Final Thoughts

Shortcut was entertaining with just the right balance between humor and horror. It is now available on DVD and Digital Download from Darkland Distribution

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