The Toll

Movie Review: Michael Nader’s ‘The Toll’ (2021) Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Saban Films’ new horror thriller will captivate you with its mystery and suspense… are you ready to pay The Toll? The film was written and directed by Michael Nader (read our interview with him – HERE). The cast includes Jordan Hayes (read out interview with her- HERE), Max Topplin (read our interview with him – HERE), James McGowan, and Rosemary Dunsmore.

The Toll

Synopsis for The Toll

Supernatural terror and spine-tingling suspense highlight this gripping journey into fear. When Cami orders a taxi service to take her to her father’s country home, she’s hoping for a quiet and uneventful ride. But a wrong turn by Spencer, her chatty driver, results in the car stalling on a dark and remote road. After several threatening and inexplicable occurrences, Cami and Spencer realize they are being watched—by an unseen presence that sees them as trespassers, and is ready to exact a deadly toll.

This film is pure nightmare fuel. I don’t remember the last time a film creeped me out this much, but I learned pretty quickly that The Tollman isn’t one to mess around with. A nightmarish atmosphere that will send shivers down your spine and your heart-racing, and leave you at the edge of your seat. The Toll delivers a unique and compelling story that I’ve never seen before and it’s one of the most terrifying concepts ever. What is real and what isn’t? Is it a nightmare no one can escape from?

The Toll

Jordan Hayes and Max Topplin both deliver exceptional performances and have great yet complicated on-screen chemistry. At first, you don’t really like either of their characters. Jordan’s character comes off as bitchy, guarded, and with no time for bullshit. Max’s character is over the top, friendly, and doesn’t know when to stop. Two personalities that don’t mesh well. As time goes on, you start questioning their morals and if they are who they say they are, or if The Tollman is just playing games with everyone. Or if it’s a mix of both.

The Toll

Everything about The Toll feels like a nightmare and throughout its runtime, the fear, confusion, and hopelessness only grows stronger. There are so many twists and turns and uncertainty. I never knew what to expect. I love the mystery and grimness of it all. The atmosphere and tone feel dark, cold, and claustrophobic. The imagery is hauntingly beautiful, and I love the eerie costume design.

Final Thoughts

One of my new favorites of 2021, The Toll is now available in select Theaters, On Demand, and Digital. I highly recommend checking it out, you won’t be disappointed! Social Tag: #TheTollMovie, Facebook: /SabanFilms, and Instagram: @Saban_Films.

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