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Available Now to Stream: Craig Railsback’s ‘Down and Out in Vampire Hills’

Available now to stream is a new horror short film directed by Craig Railsback (Fireside Classics) called Down and Out in Vampire Hills. The film stars Dawna Lee Heising (RoboWoman), Ken May (The Mercenaries), LeJon (Shadow of the Monarch), and Bill Houskeeper (Jack Be Nimble). Synopsis: Vampires are at the …

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SXSW 2022 Review: Will Seefried’s ‘Homesick’ is Dark, Brilliant, and Disturbing!


Will Seefried’s Homesick had just recently its world premiere at SXSW 2022 under the section Narrative Shorts Competition presented by IMDbpPro. When I first selected it to review, I hadn’t noticed it was short, but the shortness of this film made the story all that more unique and thrilling. This …

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Wilco C. Rullens’ New Short Film, ‘Stay Pretty, No Pity,’ Available on YouTube

A new short horror film, Stay Pretty, No Pity, directed by Wilco C. Rullens (Ouija Japan) is available on YouTube. The film stars Maria Ozawa (Geisha of Death), Saki Ohwada (Before We Vanish), Aya Amelia Kodama, and Rafaeu Viana. Synopsis: Lucy (half Japanese/half American) just got out of an abusive …

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Horror Short Review: ‘Snake Dick’ Is The Best 7 Minutes Of Your life!

Snake Dick

Snake Dick is a sci-fi/fantasy short film inspired by the metaphorical manifestation of male fear towards modern female empowerment and the #MeToo movement. The film is written and directed by David Mahmoudieh, produced by George Lako, and stars Poppy Drayton (Charmed, The Shannara Chronicles) and Sierra Pond (The Wrong Daughter, …

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Movie Review: Alessio Liguori’s ‘Shortcut’ (2021) Is ‘Goonies’ Meets ‘The Descent’


If you love a little adventure and humor with your horror, Shortcut may be for you. This film was directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci. It stars Jack Kane, Sophie Jane Oliver, Zander Emlano, Molly Dew, and Zak Sutcliffe. Synopsis for Shortcut A group of five British …

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Telluride Horror Show 2020 Short Review: ‘Red Light’ Will Make You See RED!

One of my favorite shorts of 2020 is hands down the brilliant horror, Red Light, which premiered at the Telluride Horror Show 2020. It was written and directed by Alex Kahuam (Escondida, Forgiveness). Red Light was a proof of concept and stars horror icons Ted Raimi (Ash vs. Evil Dead, …

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Fantasia 2020 Short Film Review: ‘You Wouldn’t Understand’

You wouldn't understand

The Fantasia International Film Festival has always been one of my favorite fests, and I’m grateful that they chose to do it digitally this year due to the pandemic. As always, they’ve delivered top quality shorts and features that horror fans will love. I was lucky enough to check out …

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Panic Fest 2020 Review – ‘Allergic Overreaction’ Is A Genius Black Comedy

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along that completely changes the way you look at something. It makes you think, “Damn it, why the hell didn’t I think of that?” Allergic Overreation is that movie. Directed by Zachary Eglinton (The Poisoning 2013), the 14 minute film stars Ace Marrero …

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‘Sell Your Body’ (2019) Is The Best Short Of The Year

I recently had the pleasure of viewing a 2017 short film written and directed by Jaanelle Yee (Teeth And Lungs) called Sell Your Body. It stars an amazing cast including Nadira Foster-Williams (Whatever This Is 2013), Pauline Sherrow (Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll 2015), and Menuhin Hart (Dean Supreme …

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2019 BITS Film Festival: ‘Sky So Blue’ (2019) Horror Short Review

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” — Tom Waits. Clocking in at a speedy 15 minutes, Sky So Blue (2019), which screened recently at the 2019 Blood in the Snow Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, tells the story of a strange piece of music that has the power to …

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