The Clown Network (2016) Online Dating Meets Clowns

Just when you thought internet dating wasn’t scary enough, just think of what adding clowns to the mix would do! This is exactly what happens in the horror short, The Clown Network. Aren’t afraid of clowns? Well, you will be now.

Distributed by Windar Media Productions, The Clown Network is an Independent Horror short film that is produced and directed by Gustavo Genixo. He also stars in this uniquely creepy clown story as Joey.

The story follows a man, Joey, who is searching for women on Cupid online. He meets Zena who invites him to her place at 2 am. When they meet up things quickly turn upside down for Joey (literally). After he wakes up from being bashed in the head, a young girl in a scary clown mask is standing in front of him and readily waiting to torture him.

This horror short is a little over 9 minutes long and is a fun and crazy torture story. We’ve seen terrifying stories about online dating and ones about clowns, but this time they’re intertwined in a demented torture story.

The Clown Network

Throughout its runtime, the girl clown tries different ways to torture Joey until he breaks, but the ending is the real shocker. The meaning of why this is all happening.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I enjoyed it. I truly hope that if I ever meet an internet predator that they’re not dressed in a clown costume, because that just makes everything worse. Or, then again, maybe I would die right away from a heart attack, and just call it good. Go check out The Clown Networkright here – and let us know what you think!

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