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Jaysen Buterin’s ‘Kill Giggles’ (2020) Flips the Script On The Serial Killer Clown Genre – Movie Review

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I was really looking forward to attending the Mad Monster Party in Concord, NC, this past Saturday for myriad reasons, but it was the premiere of Kill Giggles (2020) by writer, producer, actor, short-film director Jaysen Buterin (The Decapitator 2010 short film), in his first full-length directorial debut, that was …

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Why ‘Circus of the Dead’ (2014) Rules My Head

I have been a horror fan since I was a little Danny Glick floating outside of peoples’ windows. My mother was wonderfully irresponsible and had nothing but contempt for the norms of motherhood; because of this, she read Stephen King novels to me at bedtime and allowed me to watch …

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Our Adventures At Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 29 (2019) – Part 1

I didn’t even make it out of the airport before I saw the t-shirts. Dracula. Demodogs. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Oh my. It’s time, once again, for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, where the syrupy fog rolls in and the pizza fries sell like hotcakes. Ten new haunted houses. Five …

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[Cinepocalypse 2018] ‘Gags’ Review: Scared of Clowns? You Will Be!

gags the clown

Cinepocalypse 2018 is slowly wrapping up. Our second to last film we will be reviewing is Gags. Coulrophobes, beware! I remember hearing about this real life spooky clown that terrorized Wisconsin. It went viral on all social media, and gave good clowns everywhere a bad name. After seeing this film, …

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‘Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum’ Is A Marvelous Hidden Treasure

A rainy day and a road trip with my husband gave way to a discovery of spectacular proportions. Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is a hidden gem tucked away in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. If you are looking for the creepy and unique in arcade game form, then you will …

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Popcorn & Cotton Candy Carnage: ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ (1988) Turns 30!

Released on May 27, 1988, the Chiodo brothers’ Killer Klowns from Outer Space turns 30 this month. Somehow, this movie has only gotten bigger and better with age! To celebrate this 3 decade milestone, PopHorror takes a look back at this horror comedy and reminds us all while we’re still …

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PopHorror Interviews Eddie Renner, Writer of ‘Crepitus’ Starring Bill Moseley

This interview has been a long time coming and we’re finally doing it! Eddie Renner is the talented writer behind the upcoming horror film Crepitus starring Bill Moseley. He’s a huge supporter of indie horror and horror in general and knows what fans want to see. Learn more about him, …

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Aaron Mirtes’ ‘Clowntergeist’ (2017): A Laughing Matter – Movie Review

When I wrote the announcement of Clowntergeist, I stated that this was only the beginning of the slew of clown movies that will inevitably come out this year. Due to the highly anticipated release of the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT (read our review here), it was inevitable …

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