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New Series Coming Soon to the History Channel: ‘DARK MARVELS’

Dark Marvels

Coming soon to the History Channel is an exciting, diabolical new series: Dark Marvels. Synopsis Dark Marvels explores the history and engineering behind the world’s most diabolical inventions. From devious torture and death devices, to terrifying weapons of war, sinister spy tools, and games that kill, the series delves into …

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‘The Hornet’s Disciple and the Scars She Left’ (2018) Movie Review

The Hornet’s Disciple and The Scars She Left hasn’t been released yet but already is the subject of controversy. The film found itself in violation of IndieGoGo’s new guidelines AFTER its campaign was successfully funded. IndieGoGo withheld the funds it had collected from backer for 2 months, eventually refunding the …

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‘The Hornet’s Sting and the Hell It’s Caused’ (2014) Movie Review

Dustin Wayde Mills is a prolific indie horror director, having an impressive 25 directing credits in just 8 years. That being said, I’m not as familiar with his work as I should be. After seeing The Hornet’s Sting and The Hell It’s Caused, I will definitely be remedying that sooner …

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‘The House That Jack Built’ was Too Gruesome for Cannes

the house that jack built

Several of my friends today have messaged me about a huge walkout that happened at Cannes. Apparently, it happened when audiences were watching a screening of IFC Films’ The House That Jack Built. According to Bloody Disgusting, hundreds of people walked out. Describing it as vile, vomitive, and torturous. Honestly, that …

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Unearthed Films to Produce ‘A Serbian Film’ Documentary

According to Nerdly, Unearthed Films has announced they are currently in production for a documentary on the controversial movie A Serbian Film. As per  Nerdly: Now in production from Unearthed Films and Contra Films comes A Serbian Documentary, which will take an exclusive look at “SRPSKI FILM” aka A Serbian …

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The Clown Network (2016) Online Dating Meets Clowns

Just when you thought internet dating wasn’t scary enough, just think of what adding clowns to the mix would do! This is exactly what happens in the horror short, The Clown Network. Aren’t afraid of clowns? Well, you will be now. Distributed by Windar Media Productions, The Clown Network is an …

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Retro Review: The Tortured (2010)

It’s just another night of cruising through Netflix’s selection of horror movies. I finally make a choice and click on something called The Tortured – a movie I’m certain I won’t even finish. After all, it stars John Tucker from John Tucker Must Die and the crazy chick from Swimfan. Not …

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