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Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘MURPHY’S LORE’ (2022) – Movie Review

Murphy's Lore

As we near the end of our Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival coverage, we had the extreme pleasure of viewing the amazing documentary, Murphy’s Lore. Check out what we thought about this phenomenal film. Murphy’s Lore Synopsis A tribute to the life and legacy of the late, great British indie horror …

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Jackson Batchelor’s ‘I Curse This Land’ Indiegogo Campaign

Trash Arts Productions and Brutalist Films are proud to launch the campaign for our latest indie horror, I Curse This Land. I Curse This Land will be Jackson Batchelo0’rs second feature film after his critically acclaimed monster satire, Monstrous Disunion. Over the last 5 years, Trash Arts has produced 15 …

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Sam Mason-Bell’s ‘Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror’ (2022) – Movie Review

Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror is a 2022 Trash Arts release, co-written by Chris Mills (Hacker: Trust No One 2021) and Sam Mason-Bell (Terror At Black Tree Forest 2021 – our review), and directed by Mason-Bell. It stars Chris Mills, Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Disunion 2021), Spencer Craig (Right Here …

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Sam Mason-Bell’s ‘Terror at Black Tree Forest’ (2021) Movie Review

Terror at Black Tree Forest is a 2021 slasher film co-written by Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Union 2021, 5G Zombies 2020) and Sam Mason-Bell (Acting 2021, Millennial Killer 2020) and directed by Mason-Bell. The film stars Cassandra Wallace (Genetics 2014), Will Jones (Pandamonium 2020, I Scream on the Beach 2020), Annabella …

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