Jackson Batchelor’s ‘I Curse This Land’ Indiegogo Campaign

Trash Arts Productions and Brutalist Films are proud to launch the campaign for our latest indie horror, I Curse This Land.

I Curse This Land will be Jackson Batchelo0’rs second feature film after his critically acclaimed monster satire, Monstrous Disunion. Over the last 5 years, Trash Arts has produced 15 horror features, including Terror At Black Tree Forest (our review), The Truth Will Out, Acting, The Millennial Killer, and many more. Trash Arts has been lucky to be part of the fantastic indie horror community working with various other production companies such as HB Films and SCS Entertainment. Our newest horror feature, Incessant, was shot this spring, and we are proud to be working with Brutalist Films once again. Our latest horror feature film, I Curse This Land, will be our first folk horror movie! We are looking to tell a supernatural tale that looks at the trauma of the past and the effects it can create on our current present.


In a sleepy coastal village, a curse lies waiting. Legend has that one night centuries ago, a smuggler was delivering his illicit wares, and the excise men pounced. One of the villagers had betrayed him. The smuggler was caught and quickly hanged as an example, but his widow was more than she seemed… the practitioner of an ancient religion of magic and sorcery. The villagers formed a mob to hunt her down as a witch, they brutalized her, tarred and feathered her, but before they could kill her, she put one last curse upon the land, that nothing should flourish—no life or love—before taking her own life and spilling her blood upon the land.

We anticipate to shoot the film during one week in late July and one week in August in Selsey, United Kingdom. This is to allow for flexibility with our cast and crew and to ensure the production will be complete across those two weeks at our selected locations.

We do hope that you will be able to support us and, in return, we are offering some good perks above the usual “Thank you” on social media and “Here’s a copy of the film you helped to make.” Those perks are available, too, of course, but we are also offering the opportunity to be part of the creativity! Perhaps name the special rum or give an identity to the barfly and the mysterious fisherman, but that’s not all. We are also offering a personalized “Be cursed by the witch” video, T shirts, personalized Princess videos for your little one, and off course, plenty of producer perks.

Check out our Indiegogo campaign for more info!

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