Murphy's Lore

Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘MURPHY’S LORE’ (2022) – Movie Review

As we near the end of our Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival coverage, we had the extreme pleasure of viewing the amazing documentary, Murphy’s Lore. Check out what we thought about this phenomenal film.

Murphy's Lore

Murphy’s Lore Synopsis

A tribute to the life and legacy of the late, great British indie horror film director, Michael J Murphy, from Portsmouth, England.

Murphy’s Lore is a 2022 horror documentary directed by Mike Reed (Philia 2021, Para-Psych Trauma 2022). It stars Phil Lyndon (Nekros 2015, Fixer 2021), Judith Holding (Nekros 2015, The Return of Alan Strange 2016), Patrick Olliver (Death Run 1987, The Return of Alan Strange 2016), Steven Longhurst (Philia 2021, Para-Psych Trauma 2022), and June Murphy (The Avengers 1961, Doctor Who 1963). 

It also stars Tom Lee Rutter (Day of the Stranger 2020, Video Shop Tales of Terror 2023), Chris Jupp (All the Fear of the Fair 2012, The Red Nose Bastard 2016), Sam Mason-Bell (Acting 2020, Millennial Killer 2020), Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Disunion 2021, Para-Psych Trauma 2022), Johnny Walker (Mersey Cop 2005, Tribal Get Out Alive 2020), Paul Cotgrove (A Nau dos Loucos – Mergulho e Decolagem de Pazucus 2021, Video Shop Tales of Terror 2023), and Darrell Buxton (Ouijageist 2018, 5G Zombies 2020). 

Murphy's Lore

Celebrating An Unknown Pioneer

This is a fascinating and very touching look back at the life and career of one of the most celebrated indie horror directors you’ve probably never heard of. His love and passion for filmmaking are truly inspiring and go way beyond simply putting pictures on a screen. It’s about doing what you love and influencing countless others to chase their dreams in the process.

If you’re like me, you’ve more than likely never heard of Michael J Murphy before. However, his tireless work in the indie horror genre has gone on to inspire countless others worldwide, for many many years. This is a heartfelt tribute that hopes to bring awareness to his name and motivate others to do what they love, just the same.

With this film, we’re able to get an in-depth look at all the amazing feats and accomplishments of the talented director, throughout his life, all crafted on a shoestring budget. He was the pioneer of indie film in Portsmouth, with a great understanding of the inner workings of production, distribution, and fabrication. He was a once-in-a-lifetime, innovative, influential, and generational filmmaker.

In this, we get just a small peek behind the curtain, giving viewers a glimpse of the effort, hard work, and dedication it took to pull off what Murphy did during his tenure. We get a brief look at the life, movies, parties, and memory of the legendary DIY indie director, including interviews with the man himself, along with those of his peers and colleagues. It’s candid, endearing, and poignant.

Murphy's Lore

Final Thoughts

In the end, Murphy’s Lore is powerful, inspirational, and heartfelt. It’s compelling, transparent, and sentimental. If you’re a fan of DIY indie horror filmmaking, then get your hands on this one as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed. 

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