Sam Mason-Bell’s ‘Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror’ (2022) – Movie Review

Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror is a 2022 Trash Arts release, co-written by Chris Mills (Hacker: Trust No One 2021) and Sam Mason-Bell (Terror At Black Tree Forest 2021 – our review), and directed by Mason-Bell. It stars Chris Mills, Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Disunion 2021), Spencer Craig (Right Here Right Now 2016), Rishky Patel (Hacker: Trust No One 2021), and Terror At Black Tree Hills’ *2021) Annabella Rich and Cassandra Wallace. A cruel young man exposes the secrets of others online, only to find himself tormented by an unseen force with nefarious intentions of its own.

Found Footage Of Fear: Digital Terror is an extremely slow-moving spin off of the original, with very little happening story wise. While there’s not much going on, the film is still intriguing and alluring, although virtually uneventful. However, it is curiously engaging and does a fantastic job of retaining your attention, despite the lack of action.

The effects are great and the cinematography is excellent. Also, the editing is really well done. But, what really carries the film is the fantastic acting by Chris Mills. His performance is convincing and spot on, and he fully embodies the character of Darryl, the asshole who’s a bit of a mess and not really sure whether he’s coming or going.

There were only a few areas of contention that could benefit from some fine tuning, mainly regarding the dialogue and storyline, which feels a little forced and rushed in parts, almost like the filmmakers were unsure of where to go with it all. And, although the ending is absolutely cringeworthy, it isn’t as impactful as it should have been.

While it’s not the standard we’re used to seeing from Trash Arts, Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror is still a highly entertaining and interesting watch nonetheless. It’s more of a niche film and definitely not only for everyone as it’s a tad long-winded and drawn out. Be that as it may, the film remains clever as hell and a solid attempt at tackling the intricate paranormal found footage subgenre. 

Overall, Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror is grim, stark, and unapologetic. It’s a harsh, terrifying trip, the result being one expertly crafted indie film given a few flaws and dealing with the fallout of the new virus variant that’s currently running rampant. So, if you’re a fan of found footage films or paranormal possession pictures, this one’s for you. Give it a spin, if you dare.

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