Sam Mason-Bell’s ‘Terror at Black Tree Forest’ (2021) Movie Review

Terror at Black Tree Forest is a 2021 slasher film co-written by Jackson Batchelor (Monstrous Union 2021, 5G Zombies 2020) and Sam Mason-Bell (Acting 2021, Millennial Killer 2020) and directed by Mason-Bell. The film stars Cassandra Wallace (Genetics 2014), Will Jones (Pandamonium 2020, I Scream on the Beach 2020), Annabella Rich (Acting 2021, Millennial Killer 2020), Amanda Bourne (Lucky Coin 2021 – short, The Homework’s Revenge: Esther in Wonderland 2021), Ella Palmer (My Horror Story 2020 TV series, Love You Too 2010), Martin W. Payne (Monstrous Disunion 2021, Pandamonium 2020), and Max Pill.


A group of college students head out to Black Tree Forest on their annual camping trip when one by one they are picked off by a mysterious masked serial killer who stalks the woods. Is there a traitor amongst the group, or has the past come back to haunt them one last time?

This is a fun, entertaining reboot/sequel of Dustin Ferguson’s 2010 slasher film of the same name from Sam Mason-Bell and Trash Arts. It’s dark, twisted, and disturbing. It’s beautifully shot and the cinematography is excellent. The costumes are fantastic, and the gore is perfectly executed although minimal.

What stands out the most about the film is the music and score. It’s grim and dreadful and really sets the tone of the film. Also, the acting is superb for an indie slasher, making it feel like a big-time studio production. Amanda Bourne is captivating and badass in the lead role, and Annabella Rich is terrific as usual in her cringe-inducing supporting performance.

The editing is great and the story is awesome, although the dialogue could have been a little better. There are a few areas that could have implemented the less is more policy, as some of the heavier sections seem to oversell the scene, but it didn’t take anything away from the exceptionally well-polished product. It’s cold, calculated, and compelling.

When it comes to the lighting, it’s hit or miss. Some shots are very well lit, while others are so dark it’s hard to make out what is actually going on, not to mention some minor pacing issues which makes it a little tough to get through at times. However, it’s an engaging, tense, and a menacing watch.

Terror at Black Tree Forest is vile, grisly, and unrelenting, an impressive modern-day slasher flick. It’s vicious, sinister, and ruthless. If you are into spooky slasher in the woods films, definitely give this one a spin. It’s one frighteningly good time.

Terror at Black Tree Forest is available on Blu-ray here.

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