Interview With Samantha Marie Of Upcoming ‘My Girlfriend The Serial Killer’

There is a new movie in the works called My Girlfriend The Serial Killer, created by innovative indie filmmakers Samantha Marie (Supernatural Assassins 2019) and Party Night’s Derek Huey (read our interview with him here). Unlike a lot of other horror films, this one is a FEMALE slasher. Lead Actress/Co-Writer/Co-Director Samantha Marie was nice enough to answer a few questions for us. 

PopHorror: Tell us about My Girlfriend the Serial Killer.

Samantha Marie: My Girlfriend the Serial Killer is a slasher movie. It was very important to us to pay homage to the traditional ’80s slasher movies just out of mad respect for them. You will also see some original concepts as well. One different thing you will notice is that the slasher is a female. She is not your typical, emotional woman seeking vengeance because she was wronged by a man, or even the typical Final Girl. She is a brutal, ruthless killer, and no one is safe. 

PopHorror: Felissa Rose is cast in this as well. What kind of role does she have?

Samantha Marie: While I’m excited to work with everyone, Felissa Rose holds a special spot in my heart. I grew up watching Sleepaway Camp [1983 – read PopHorror’s retro review here]. To work with Felissa is such an honor. I can’t go into detail too much about her part, but let’s just say there will be a Battle Royale between the Original Female Slasher and the Present Day Female Slasher. It’s definitely something you will want to see! 

PopHorror: There are a lot of IndieGoGos out there for indie films. What sets yours apart from the others?

Samantha Marie: I think one thing that sets us apart is our interactions with our fans. We are constantly and consistently adding content to our Official Movie Facebook page. We are extremely grateful for our supporters, and it’s important to us that they know this and feel this. Horror fans are truly the BEST! They are a dedicated subculture.   

Another big thing that sets us apart is the amount of experience our crew brings. Derek Huey, the producer and award-winning cinematographer, has had all his movies distributed. That’s huge! This is important, because we are asking people to donate money and invest in our movie. They need to know that investing in My Girlfriend the Serial Killer is low risk/high reward. 

PopHorror: When does filming start on My Girlfriend the Serial Killer

Samantha Marie: Filming starts June 2020, both in IL and VA.  

PopHorror: Tell us about yourself. What other films have you done? 

Samantha Marie: I recently came back to the industry after taking some time off after having kids. This year has been a super busy and successful for me. In February, I filmed a series called Supernatural Assassins. I just recently wrapped up a feature slasher movie from Director Troy Escamilla called Teacher Shortage. I met my now fiancé on the set of Teacher Shortage. We spend our free time watching horror movies and raising our 2 girls, Emmalin and Elena, who are also fans of the horror genre.  

PopHorror: What else would you like your fans to know? 

Samantha Marie: My Girlfriend The Serial Killer is co-directed and co-written by a woman. I think that’s important, because there are not a lot of female horror directors out there. I would also like our fans to know that we ourselves are huge horror fans. Horror isn’t about words; it’s about imagery. 

We are currently fundraising. We have so many amazing perks to offer. We invite you to check out our Indiegogo campaign and become a part of My Girlfriend The Serial Killer

Thank you, Samantha Marie, for taking the time to talk to us!

Check out the trailer below to see what My Girlfriend The Serial Killer is all about! Also, check out the link for their Indiegogo campaign. They have some seriously amazing perks, and this is a great chance to be a part of something special! 

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