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Rebecca Rinehart And Rob Mello’s ‘Tin Roof’ Begins Shooting Next Month

PopHorror contributor Rebecca Rinehart (our interview) has already made a name for herself in the indie horror community. She’s acted in 30 films alone, including CarousHELL 2 2021 – our review), Shriekshow (2022 – our review), 13 Slays Till X-Mas (2020 – our review) and the upcoming My Girlfriend The …

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Exclusive Stills from Retro 80s Slasher ‘My Girlfriend the Serial Killer’

Still My Girlfriend the Serial Killer

PopHorror is excited to share the first exclusive stills from My Girlfriend the Serial Killer. This film was written and directed by Samantha Marie (check out our interview with her – HERE) and Derek Huey (check out our interview with him – HERE). Samantha also stars in the film alongside …

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Interview With ‘Strix’ And ‘Dr. Gift’ Filmmaker Abel Berry

We’ve been covering Filmmaker Abel Berry for quite a few years now, since we first reviewed his film,¬†Midnight Devils (2019 – read the PopHorror review here). Now, we’ve heard he’s got a few new projects in the pipeline like the upcoming horror flicks, The House That Eats Flesh starring Drew …

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Interview With Samantha Marie Of Upcoming ‘My Girlfriend The Serial Killer’

There is a new movie in the works called My Girlfriend The Serial Killer, created by innovative indie filmmakers Samantha Marie (Supernatural Assassins 2019) and Party Night’s Derek Huey (read our interview with him here). Unlike a lot of other horror films, this one is a FEMALE slasher. Lead Actress/Co-Writer/Co-Director …

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‘My Girlfriend the Serial Killer’ Promises To Be Ridiculously Bloody!

My Girlfriend the Serial Killer

A group of amazing people from the indie horror scene are coming together to create a new slasher called My Girlfriend the Serial Killer. This looks ridiculously fun and they have a great cast and crew. Check out all the details down below including how you can help and a …

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