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’10/31 Part 2′ (2019) Movie Review: All Hail Samhain

It’s the night before Halloween, better known as Devil’s Night. Like most people around the world, I’ve spent my evening watching horror films. Mostly I’m trying to sober my emotions with horror as I watch the snowfall outside my window. Yes, like many places around the world it’s currently snowing in Iowa and I’m a little irked about it. Let me have my Fall, damn it. I live for pretty dead leaves and rainy days. So, to help cure my early winter blues and put myself in the Halloween spirit, I thought what better time to watch and review Rocky Gray’s 10/31 art 2.

10/31 part 2
First Poster for 10/31 Part 2 Poster

This anthology was probably my most anticipated film of the year as I’m a huge fan of the first one. This one is a little different than the first, though as it also has some fun fake and spooky trailers in the beginning. The trailers consist of Treaters by Zane Hershberger, Trucksquatch by John Hale, The Candy Taker by Robert Lanphere, and The October Kids by Brett DeJager. Some of them seemed to have more blood and gore than the segments themselves, which was a pleasantly delicious surprise. However, Treaters and The October Kids were the ones that left a last impressing and set the tone for the whole film. The October Kids is like a mashup of The Monster Squad and Jumanji and it seriously needs to happen. Seriously, Brett. Make. This. Happen.

The segments for 10/31 Part 2 include Malvolias Halloween Monster Marathon directed by Jennifer Nangle, A Samhain Liturgy directed by Tory Van Buskirk, Dead Lift directed by Stephen Wolfe, Apache Hatchet Massacre 2 directed by Max Groah, Overkill directed by Drew Marvick, and Sister Mary directed by Tory Van Buskirk.

Malvolias Halloween Monster Marathon
Malvolias Halloween Monster Marathon

Malvolias Halloween Monster Marathon is the perfect beginning to this blood-drenched sensation. Jennifer Nangle is one of the best and highly underrated horror hosts out there. I love all the material she puts out and Halloween and horror wouldn’t be the same without her. Her look, laugh, and mannerisms set the tone for a perfectly creepy atmosphere.

Samhain Liturgy, Overkill, and Sister Mary delivered the best stories of the bunch. They were fun and spooky,  packed with blood and gore, and great characters. Samhain Liturgy is the true definition of a babysitting nightmare. Unexpected and devilishly fun. Overkill screams Halloween on all aspects meanwhile Sister Mary is such a unique and beautiful story about love, loss, and living your own personal hell.

10/31 part 2
Still from Samhain Liturgy

All of the films have great special effects, but some shined a little brighter than others. Samhain Liturgy, Dead Lift, and Sister Mary delivered superb effects and makeup that give Hollywood blockbusters a run for their money. Samhain Liturgy also had the best cinematography, the opening scene was stunning and the magic continues throughout its runtime.

Still from Sister Mary 10/31 part 2
Still from Sister Mary

Dead Lift is a unique premise and an interesting story. I also love all the horror references mentioned throughout its runtime. It has more of a serious dreadful tone. Meanwhile, Apache Hatchet Massacre 2 has more of a cheesy tone and is quite hilarious. Plus, you can never go wrong with telling scary stories around a campfire.

Rocky Gray didn’t partake in directing a segment this time around, however, he did score the entire anthology. His score helped create a creepy and sinister atmosphere that is crucial for a Halloween themed marathon. I think the first two segments have the best sound, but all of them are great.

Anastasia Elfman in Overkill
Anastasia Elfman in Overkill

Like with most anthologies, there’s usually one that becomes an instant favorite and for me that one is hands down Overkill. I’m not surprised by this, though, as Drew Marvick is a horror genius. He knows how to create the perfect mix of horror and comedy and deliver what the fans want to see. In this case, it’s your typical bloody slasher with over the top characters, awesome kills, boobies, and a hilarious premise. It slightly reminded me of Freddy vs Jason when Freddy is pissed off that Jason is getting all his kills but better, oh so much better. Anastasia Elfman is hilariously fantastic in this and blissfully unaware of her surroundings. David E McMahon was equally awesome and brought new life to your average serial killer. A little timid, but optimistic. Last, but not least, Marvick’s son, Degan, is one of the best parts about Overkill. I’m not sure if his Halloween costume was meant to be a character from Funny Games, but that’s what it reminded me of it and it was perfect.

Final Thoughts

10/31 art 2 was everything I hoped it would be and definitely put me in the Halloween spirit, something I was in dire need of. I’m sure it will become a new tradition among fans, especially for those who love the first one. So, turn the lights off, grab your hot cocoa and buttery popcorn, and let yourself get lost in a marathon of madness. You can watch it on Amazon now and buy it from Scream Team Releasing in the near future!

Poster for 10/31 Part 2
Second Poster for 10/31 Part 2


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