‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 is being filmed in Haddonfield?

American Horror Story has been keeping things pretty hush hush, however, today we found out some interesting news. We’re not sure what this means for the show, but today the internet was abuzz with various activity going on at the locations of the original 1978 film, Halloween

Turns out, American Horror Story is filming in this iconic location aka Haddonfield! Or is it really? This could get interesting!

What was know so far of American Horror Story Season 7 is that it will be about the 2016 presidential race, or some version of it, and Evan Peters will have blue hair. I’m curious to know what they are doing with the sets or how it will tie in to the election story line, but it should be interesting. If nothing else, it gives us more things to talk about until we can see the final product. If this news is true, maybe Michael Myers will crash the election! Or maybe the Halloween episode will be extra spectacular this year. How do you think this all ties in?

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