Screamers Costumes

Screamers Costumes – A Midwest Horror Fan’s Utopia

If you ever find yourself in the Detroit metro area…RUN!! GET OUT!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!! No but seriously, tucked away in Clinton Township is a year-round Halloween store that offers so much more than costumes: Screamers Costumes!

Screamers Costumes is, hands down, the Mecca for Midwestern horror fans! From the moment you walk in the door and the super friendly staff greets you, if you’re a fan of fear, you are HOME! As someone who grew up in a semi-small town, I’ve often had to travel to conventions or expos to be amongst “my people” so to speak, but the folks at Screamers get it.

Screamers Costumes

This store is literally your favorite convention vendor room, without those pesky celebrity guests hawking signed 8x10s. Do you want horror clothes? They have tights, shirts, shoes, hoodies, purses, wallets, hats, jewelry, etc. Do you want collectibles? They have Funko, Mezco, Sideshow, Trick or Treat Studios, and everything in between. Posters, cutouts, buttons, decorations, anything your dark little heart desires, they seem to have a few, and it’s all expertly curated—no Spirit Halloween mess here!

And sure, you could shop online for horror swag from the comfort of the couch, but there’s a certain thrill that comes from being able to put hands and eyes on the real item, as well as finding horror treasures “in the wild.”

And the best part? You can browse all you want! This place is obviously run by horror fans FOR horror fans, other than being totally helpful if you need help finding anything, the staff just lets you wander and take it all in. They even have sections blocked out for various films so shopping is ridiculously easy for that Freddy fan on your gift list. And as a bonus, on my last visit, Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All” was playing on the store’s speakers.

Screamers Costumes
It’s An Art!

I’ve made my pilgrimage there twice so far, and I’m ready to go back at the drop of a hat. It’s a perfect horror con shopping experience without having to wait for a convention (or wait in line). Look them up on social media for new arrivals, specials, and events. They do a great job updating their followers! If you’re in the Midwest, you owe it to yourself to give them a visit, you’ll never want to leave!

Screamers Costumes is located at:

35431 S Gratiot Ave.
Clinton Township, MI, US 48035

11am-6pm Monday-Saturday
12pm-5pm Sunday

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