Shattered (Horror Short) Revenge is Bittersweet

Losing someone you love in a tragic way is hard for anyone and sometimes can have a huge impact on that individual, not only physically but mentally as well. If you could seek revenge on the person who turned your world upside down, would you? All this plus more happens in the new horror short, Shattered


StickyFeet Entertainment, LLC presents a horrifying short directed and written by Mikel Ledesma (Bedevil, Tinsel)  It was produced by Anthony Gutierrez (Circus of the Dead, Animals Among Us) who also did the cinematography and played a part in the short. Shattered stars Scarlette MartinJulianna Ochoa, Matthew RoyStan-Lee Ray Baker, and Jori Gill.

Official Synopsis:

A heart-broken Mother (Martin) takes matters into her own hands after her daughter’s accused killer is set free.

This horror short was one of the most tragically horrifying stories I’ve seen in a long time. From the very beginning, the viewer knows something horrible is going to happen to the little girl and with every passing minute your heart races as the moment comes closer. Once it happens, you’re in shock and feel sick to your stomach. Harm to a child is always a sensitive subject, but it helped drive the motivation for the story. A story that is unfortunately similar to things we hear about in the news all the time.

Both lead roles were great. Scarlette Martin did a fantastic job as a grieving Mom who can’t handle reality any more when her world becomes shattered and wants to take the law into her own hands – revenge is bittersweet. You can feel her pain, sadness, and anger. You understand where she’s coming from, but at the same time wonder if she could be wrong. Meanwhile, Matthew Roy gives a convincing performance as Tom Collins, the man who she deems responsible for the death of her child. Although put in a terrifying situation, he remains calm and tries to convince her of his innocence.

One thing in particular that I was especially impressed by was the blood and gore. Shattered didn’t hold back on this at all. There was one scene in particular that was deliciously disturbing and cringeworthy. I was shocked to say the least.

Last but not least, the ending was slightly predictable, but perfect. I kept going back in forth on what I thought would happen. It was delightfully suspenseful and kept me at the edge of my seat. My heart was pounding.

Final Thoughts:

Although Shattered has a run-time of only 20 minutes it was able to deliver a story that lingers long after the credits end. It’s surreal and heartbreaking and ponders the question, “What would I do in this situation and how far would I go?” Both Anthony Gutierrez and Mikel Ledesma have great vision and know how to steal the attention and heart of their audience. I highly recommend you check this short out and see how fast one’s world can be shattered.


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