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13 Classic Halloween Images Found In Horror Movies

Halloween has long been associated with horror and general spookiness. So it’s no wonder that many Halloween themes have made it into the horror movies that we still watch today. For each Halloween-related image category below, I will recommend a horror movie where such imagery appears. The image may not be the most prominent aspect of the movie, but it will be in there somewhere. If you so desire, you may flatter me and watch all the movies on this list. None of them are very hard to find, so feel free to check them out.  

Also, it should be noted that your favorite movie may not be on this list. Hey, it happens. My list may not match your list. But here it is:

1. Bats – Cujo (1983)

One of my favorite horror movies, Cujo begins with an action-packed yet ultimately tragic chase sequence between the titular dog and a rabbit. The rabbit runs into a narrow, cave-like opening and Cujo sticks his head in there to look for it. Unfortunately for him (and everyone else), the cave is host to a colony of sick bats who defend their turf. Cujo gets bitten on the nose and becomes monstrously rabid. One of the greatest things about Cujo is how heavily rooted in reality the movie is, yet the dog is transformed into a vicious monster, similar to many other iconic yet unreal horror creatures.

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