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‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1990) – Remaking Romero’s Masterpiece

Night of the Living Dead (1990)

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) is one of the most revered horror films of all time. It spawned no less than 5 sequels and influenced multiple generations of filmmakers and their films. It is adored by critics and audiences alike. The Library of Congress added the film to …

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Pittsburgh’s ‘Horror Realm Con’ (2023) – Event Review

Horror Realm Con

Pittsburgh has a storied horror lineage. Ever since George Romero’s skeleton-crew of visionaries put together Night of the Living Dead (read our retro review here) in 1968, the steel city has been one that’s very dedicated to the genre. Horror Realm Con is a yearly convention that pays homage to that rich history, …

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Book Review – “The Black Guy Dies First” – Wait…is that right?!

The Black Guy Dies First

The Black Guy Dies First. Wait…that isn’t right…is it?!?! Answering this, and more, The Black Guy Dies First, is a deep dive into Black horror cinema. Robin R. Means, Ph.D., and Mark H. Harris leave no stone unturned in outlining the struggles, and accomplishments of Black creatives in horror. Starting …

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‘Z-ERO’ (2022) Indie Zombie Mayhem With Heart – Movie Review

Z-ERO (2022)

Low-budget indie filmmaking is all about passion. One person (or a small group of people) charges forth in the relentless pursuit of a dream. A dream to make a movie! That passion is evident in every low-budget indie film I’ve ever watched, and it is certainly evident in Z-ERO (2022), …

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Bill Hinzman’s ‘Flesheater’ (1988): The Zombies Walk Again – Vin Syn 4K Blu-ray Review

In 1968, the world of horror was changed forever as George Romero brought “the living dead” into the public conscience for the first time on a mainstream basis. Twenty years later, Romero’s friend and filmmaking teammate, Bill Hinzman, brought the same concept back from the grave for another feeding frenzy …

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Interview of Umberto Smerilli, Composer For ‘The Bunker Game’

In Roberto Zazzara’s The Bunker Game,  some live-action role-playing (AKA larping) goes awry. Are the characters really playing a game? Are the dangerous occurrences the fault of the game’s planners or is something more supernatural afoot? Here are some questions with the movie’s composer, Umberto Smerilli, regarding the themes in …

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Interview With ‘Rebirth’ (2020) Filmmaker And Star, Roger Conners

No one can deny the significance of George A. Romero’s classic addition to the horror genre in Night of the Living Dead. Since its inception into the annals of cinema back in 1968, NOTLD has continued to captivate audiences, helping to plant a seed of deep admiration for horror and …

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Roger Conners’ ‘Rebirth’ Available Now On Demand and Digital From Midnight Releasing

Available now On Demand and Digital from Midnight Releasing and Director Roger Conners is a new Night of The Living Dead adaption called Rebirth. The movie stars Aswan Harris (Marauders), Roger Conners (read our interview with him here), Alvin Hudson (Alone), Rachel Anderson (In Guns We Trust), and Bradley Micheal …

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