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33 Guest Stars You Forgot Were On CBS’s ‘CRIMINAL MINDS’

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds ran for 15 seasons, not including its successor Criminal Minds: Evolution and two spin-offs Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. With 324 episodes, Criminal Minds was bound to have some awesome guest stars. Now because there are so many, I have broken it into three …

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Are We Floating Yet? Stephen King’s Original Miniseries ‘IT’ (1990) – Retro Review

One clown to rule them all. No, I don’t mean Ronald McDonald. I’m talking about the other red-nosed, pale-faced demonic space goofball with an unhealthy appetite for all things children. That’s right folks… this month marks the 30 year anniversary of the first onscreen adaption of Stephen King’s classic, IT. …

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Frank Marshall’s ‘Congo’ (1995): Low Art, High Adventure Retro Review

There’s a game that Bruce Campbell likes to play at convention appearances, a sort of a Hollywood Red Light, Green Light. He picks some poor sap in the audience to play a Paramount Pictures executive tasked with deciding whether or not to make a movie with some of Hollywood’s finest …

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Fun Facts About Stephen King’s IT – The 1990 Miniseries And ‘IT Chapter One’

To celebrate the release of It Chapter Two in theaters this Friday, September 6th, PopHorror has compiled a list of fun facts from the It TV miniseries (1990), and It Chapter One (2017). Check out our review of the newest film here! Also, here is the trailer for It Chapter …

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Stephen King’s IT Miniseries Is Floating To SYFY

Tim Curry in IT Miniseries (1990)

STEPHEN KING’S IT MINISERIES IS FLOATING TO SYFY We know you can’t get enough of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, so we’re bringing him and his torturous ways right into your homes…what better way to prepare for IT: Chapter Two when it’s released in theaters this Friday? The original two-part, 1990 …

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Nostalgic Feels: Trailer for ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’

Pennywise: The Story of IT

Ever since I first heard about the documentary Pennywise: The Story of IT, I’ve been head over heels in love with it. Whether you love the original IT, you can’t deny that is one of the most known and talked about horror movies ever. Tim Curry alone makes it worthy …

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A Post-Halloween Trip to the 2018 Rhode Island Comic Con Nov. 2-4

It’s always a thrill to go to conventions, whether they’re horror, sci-fi, comic, film or anything in between. When I was offered the chance to go to the Rhode Island Comic Con once again (here’s our coverage from last year’s event) for PopHorror, where all genres are covered, I knew …

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