John Campopiano and Chris Griffiths’ ‘Pennywise: The Story of IT’ (2021) Now On VHS

Back in 1990, most people knew Stephen King as the king of horror cinema. However, he had hit a bit of a lull, and his film adaptions had been scaled back a bit. Around this time, the only thing he had going on the big screen was Graveyard Shift, which has since reached a level of cult status in its own right. But he was a few years out from the likes of Carpenter, Kubrick, and Cronenberg when bringing his stories to celluloid materialization. Enter the birth of the big event network TV Stephen King miniseries, IT. IT wasn’t his first miniseries. That distinction belonged to Salem’s Lot. It was a new era, though. In the more than a decade that had past, King’s clout had reached a level where just having his name on something made it something special. The most unique thing on TV then was Twin Peaks, and it had a film guy named David Lynch attached to it. The timing was right.

Another thing IT had going for it was a veteran horror director. Tommy Lee Wallace had horror chops from working Carpenter and, in his own right, directing Halloween III and Fright Night 2. From listening to an interview with Tommy Lee Wallace recently, he talked about how IT was lightning in a bottle. A combination of Tim Curry’s performance, the A-list cast of veteran TV and film actors, and the ease of the child actors portraying their adult counterparts made IT a benchmark horror miniseries.

This was what made directors John Campopiano and Chris Griffiths’ documentary, Pennywise: The Story of IT, so exciting for fans.

From the official press release:

PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT. Presented in partnership with Cult Screenings UK, Dead Mouse Productions, Cinedigm, Screambox, Bloody Disgusting, and Witter Entertainment.

This in-depth look at the 1990 mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel features interviews with many of the cult classic’s key players, including director Tommy Lee Wallace and legend Tim Curry, who portrayed the notorious monster clown, Pennywise.

This special edition double videocassette also includes extras: Childhood Phobias, The Extras of IT, and IT: The Legacy Continues. Presented in Widescreen Format. Duplicated in NTSC.

Note: As of this writing, All copies are sold out, but keep checking with link below:

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