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Scott McGinnis’ ‘Last Gasp’ (1995): Vinegar Syndrome’s 4K Restoration Blu-Ray Review

It’s been a long time since PopHorror has reviewed anything from Vinegar Syndrome, but now we’re back at it and ready to go! There are two selections for this month: Bob Bralver’s 1989 thriller, Rush Week, and the supernatural horror film, Last Gasp, directed by Scott McGinnis. I decided to …

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Vinegar Syndrome’s ‘Wacko’ (1982) 4K DVD/Blu-ray Review

Last month, I was greeted at my mailbox by a package from one of my very favorite film distributors, Vinegar Syndrome (see my review of their 4k Blu-ray release of 1993’s Body Melt here). Since I hadn’t ordered anything from them recently, the contents inside that inconspicuous mailing envelope were …

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