North Bend Film Festival 2020 Short Review: ‘Abduction’ is Shocking and Wild

Paul Komadina’s live action short Abduction focuses on a woman who tries to retrace her steps after waking up in the middle of nowhere. This film won the 2020 CinefestOZ Audience Choice Award at Cinefest Oz, screened at the Oscar qualifying Atlanta Film Festival, and most recently screened at North Bend Film Festival in October.

This short was directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Komadina and written by Frances Elliott. The cast includes Alexandra Nell, Kyle Barrett, and Megan Hollier.

Synopsis for Abduction

After waking up in a field with no memory of how she got there, Mathilda reckons strange visions and marks on her body with the trail of judgement and cruelty that follows.

This was a unique story that took me by surprise. When I think about an abduction of a young woman, my brain automatically assumes abuse/sexual abuse most likely occurred because unfortunately that’s the sad truth about the world we live in. Even more so when it happens after a weird and creepy interaction with men at a bar, however, Abduction takes it to a whole new level.

Alexandra Nell delivered a brilliant and emotionally powered performance. Her character goes through hell and back when she’s accused of acts she didn’t perform and finds it incredibly troubling that she can’t remember anything that happened the night before. Those who are closest to her, turn their back and she’s left to discover the truth all on her own.

Abduction also delivered phenomenal special effects and FX makeup that were effective and made me squirm in some scenes The ending was wild and crazy and I definitely didn’t see it coming. This felt like an episode of Twilight Zone.

Final Thoughts

Paul Komadina’s continues to wow me with his filmmaking and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Abduction was a great sci-fi thriller that I would recommend checking out especially while it’s running though the festival circuit.

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