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Roger Corman’s Lost Film, ‘VIRTUALLY HEROES’ (2013), Coming Soon To VOD

From Executive Producer Roger Corman comes VIRTUALLY HEROES! The film premiered at Sundance 2013 and was…promptly lost? We’re not really sure how that happens, but guess what? It’s back! And it’s coming to video on demand soon for your viewing pleasure. Check out this gloriously ridiculous trailer, then read on …

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Interview With Steven LaMorte, Director Of ‘The Mean One’

Tis the season for Christmas horror, and this year we are being gifted with an abundance of violence and blood. One of the most anticipated films this holiday season is not about the killer Santa you would expect, but a parody about the green creature that lives on the mountain, …

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‘Social Mediasochist’ Parody Sequel Video Lands On YouTube

Social Mediasochist 2

Lowcarbcomedy, the creators of the Romantic Teen Slasher Horror Comedy Music Video Social Mediasochist, are back! The original creative team and Morgan Foster  return in an all new bloody chapter in the Jason and Carrie love story. Surely you remember the original video? You should. It had upwards of 45,000,000 …

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Welcome to Camp Crystal Meth, Where Everyone Scores – ‘Camp Death III in 2D’ Movie Review

If you’re a fan of parodies and ridiculously entertaining, hilariously cheesy dialogue, then Camp Death III in 2D will be your safe haven as it was mine. The acting and delivering of lines is perfectly tongue in cheek with how campy horror movies used to be at the time. You …

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The Nerdist Remix: Retro Re-Cut ‘Halloween’ Trailer is Here!

Halloween - Nerdist Remix

It looks like the team at Nerdist Presents is as excited for the new Halloween film as we are. And we can’t wait! The sequel to the 1978 original is due out soon, and in anticipation of the release, Nerdist Presents put together a 1970s Grindhouse style trailer called the …

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Horror Comedy ‘The Claire Wizard Thesis’ Is Heading To VOD!

The Claire Wizard Thesis

The Blair Witch Project was a massive hit in 1999. The film grossed nearly a quarter of a BILLION dollars against a $60,000 budget. What happens when an indie filmmaker who has no idea what he’s doing sets out to replicate that massive success? I’m not sure, but I think …

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‘Stranger Things’ Joyce Byers Gives Parenting Advice!

Joyce Byers

The folks at Nerdist send word: “Communicating with your child can be tough – Take some lessons from one of the most iconic moms in modern pop culture, Stranger Things’ Joyce Byers. In this Nerdist Presents parody, Mastermind: Joyce Byers Teaches Parenting!” You guys need to see this one to …

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Better Watch Out: ‘The Phantasm Holiday Special’ is Here!

Ho-Ho-Ho! Wait, what now? I did a double take myself. The guys and gals over at Darkly Films are spreading the holiday FEAR this year. This week, they unveiled The Phantasm Holiday Special: a wink and a nod parody of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978! Check it …

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Agent Starling Returns in Late Night ‘Lambs’ Parody!

It’s been more than 25 years since Jodie Foster last played Agent Clarice Starling. That hiatus ended over the weekend when Foster traded in her FBI credentials for a Sam’s Club card and appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Silence of the Lambs parody sketch takes clear …

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‘Sesame Street’ Visits the Upside Down in ‘Stranger Things’ Parody

The best part of Sesame Street, in my opinion, is that it’s not just for kids. They make it interesting so parents can enjoy it as well. Their most recent parody hits all the feels of the cult hit Stranger Things. In the video “Sharing Things,” we are introduced to Cookiegorgon, …

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