‘Seeds’ Is A Dark Spin On The Classic ‘Lolita’ Story – Movie Review

First time Writer/Director Owen Long brings a new, nightmarish vision of internal conflict and horror with his new film, Seeds. The film stars Trevor Long (Ozark TV series), Andrea Chen (Boyhood 2014), newcomer Garr Long, and Kevin Breznahan (Winter’s Bone 2010, Alive 1993).


After a very disturbing incident at a brothel, Marcus (Trevor Long) retreats back to his family’s home by the seaside. There he is to act as the babysitter for his niece (Andrea Chen) and nephew (Garr Long). It becomes quickly apparent, however, that Marcus is still haunted by his dark fears and perverse desires.

Seeds is a perverse and dark spin on the classic Lolita tale. The opening images are absolutely stunning, with Andrea Chen’s character, Lily, finding a large shell on the beach that has live tentacles emerging from it. The tentacles appear several times during the film, almost as a strange and haunting symbol for the repressed desires eating Marcus from the inside out. And tentacles aren’t the only thing that’s coming for them. A giant, life-sized spider seductively wraps its long legs around the torso of Lily as she sleeps in one incredible scene.

The material of Seeds is disturbing at its core, as Lily pushes the boundaries of appropriate behavior with her uncle in a very Lolita-like fashion. Marcus is a man slowly rotting away with shame throughout the entire film, which we see mostly from his point of view. He tries to keep up a happy, normal exterior, but in secret, he is popping pills and anxiously looking over his shoulder.

The acting is incredible. Trevor Long’s sad and troubled Marcus absolutely blew me away. Chen and Garr Long were good in their supporting roles, but the film was all Marcus’ for sure. Something must also be said about the use of sound in this film, particularly the music. Because Seeds is so quiet most of the time, the music in the film is used to heighten the tension and feelings of dread, which comes across as incredibly effective. The film is also beautifully shot, in muted tones outside but in very dark tones for the interiors. The effect creates a setting where nightmares become real.

My one criticism is the pace of the film. It is positively glacial. This is a film you must have a lot of patience for. But your patience will pay off in the end, provided you are prepared for the subject matter! This is not a film for everyone. I repeat: this is not a film for everyone. If you are at all offended by the subjects of incest or pedophilia, then please give this film a pass.

That being said, Seeds is a heady and unique twist on the Lolita story that takes the viewer to a creepy, nightmarish place, far away from our own boring lives. Isn’t that why we watch films in the first place?

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