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How A Woman Tells Rape-Revenge Differently – An Indepth Look At Coralie Fargeat’s ‘Revenge’

The rape-revenge subgenre is the red-headed stepchild of horror, and maybe it should be. Historically, it is a fixation on sexual violence against women written and directed by men. It is hard not to view the products as exploitive when they are all male voices telling of a female experience. …

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Happy Halloween: ‘Nightmare’ 2018 Trilogy Review

nightmare trilogy

Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls, we have a treat for you. If you love all things Wes Craven, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Nightmare trilogy that is inspired by him. It had it’s world premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and is unlike anything else out …

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Cult Horror Classics Highlight Arrow Video July Releases

Arrow Video / Arrow Academy

Arrow Video US and Arrow Academy US have no less than EIGHT big cult releases on their July film slate. These titles range from Korean and Yakuza movies to spaghetti westerns. Perhaps the most interesting films, however, are horror classics from Wes Craven, Dario Argento, and Richard Friedman. Check out …

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My Favorite Horror Movie – ‘The Exorcist’

It’s definitely hard to narrow down my favorite horror movie, but The Exorcist is definitely up there for me. The movie also means something special to me personally, because it was the first movie I ever took my then girlfriend to see when it was re-released with an extended cut. …

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Rob Zombie to Host ’13 Nights of Horror Films’ in October on HDNet

According to Horror News Network, the shock film director, Rob Zombie, is set to host thirteen nights of horror films. In the spirit of the classic horror hosts such as Elvira and Vampirella, Zombie will be on the air hosting a series of classic horror films along with some modern …

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7 Badass Mothers Of Horror!

Usually, when horror fans talk about the mothers of horror, we generally discuss the more villainous moms like Pamela Voorhees, Norma Bates, or Margaret White. But what about the mothers of horror that are actually the protagonists of the story? Today, we celebrate the badass mothers in horror that would do …

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Legendary Wes Craven Walked Out of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ During Film Festival Circuit

Wes Craven and Quentin Tarantino have always been two huge inspirations in my life. I grew up watching their films and their unique ways of storytelling. They both have a huge fan base, signature marks, and iconic characters. So when I heard a story about Wes Craven walking out of Reservoir Dogs, …

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8 of The Best Serial Killer Teams in Horror

It’s a rarity that serial killers work well together in horror films, whether they’re love interests, family members, or just people with the same goal in mind. There’s nothing scarier than being outnumbered by a team of rampaging maniacs. PopHorror has put together a list of the serial killer team-ups that …

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Review – Felt (2015)

Fair Warning: This review is gonna get into some heavy shit, including rape, sexual violence, and spoilers for several movies (including Last House On The Left and Silent House, among others.) Not as heavy as that Human Centipede article, but still pretty gnarly. Just lettin’ you know. Oftentimes in the …

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