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Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘4 halloween’ (2023) – Movie Review

Our Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival review coverage continues with a review of 4 Halloween! If you love Italian gore, you’re going to want to check this one out.

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4 halloween (2023) Synopsis

Four separate fates intersect with deadly consequences on All Hallow’s Eve, as a serial killer decides which mask to wear; a young man helps a grandmother choose a costume; a mad scientist creates a pizza to euthanize the suicidal, and a couple comes to terms with their deepest, darkest fears.

4 halloween is a 2023 horror film written by Sebastiano Tuccitto and Domiziano Cristopharo (Phantasmagoria 2014, III: Final Contagium 2020). Domiziano Cristopharo also directs. It stars Todd Quality Jaeger (Rural Erections 2001, Toilet Zombie Baby Strikes Back 2021), Puccy Polverino (Eldorado 2022, 4 halloween 2023), Gloria Bellei, Ennio Prato, and Nichols Sartori (La perdición 2021, Eldorado 2022). 

4 halloweenGore For Days

This is Italian gore at its finest. It’s viscous, corrosive, and grotesque. It’s vile, revolting, and one bloody good time. There isn’t much in the way of a storyline, instead, it focuses more on good old practical effects and gore. 

The costumes are fantastic and the makeup is incredible. The editing is a little loose in spots, but the score and sound effects are top-notch. Also, the acting isn’t the best, some performances are better than others. Nonetheless, it’s still frightening, sinister, and repulsive.

One thing that could use a little sprucing up is the dialogue and voice-over dubbing. They were a bit muddled and hard to understand in certain scenes. However, it’s still gross, deranged, and devilishly delicious.

4 halloween

Final Thoughts

In the end, 4 halloween is bizarre, demented, and eerily disturbing. It’s the perfect film for the Halloween season. If you love old-school eighties throwback horror, then definitely check this one out. If you can stomach it that is. Now you can die with your favorite taste. 

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4 halloween

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