8 of The Best Serial Killer Teams in Horror

It’s a rarity that serial killers work well together in horror films, whether they’re love interests, family members, or just people with the same goal in mind. There’s nothing scarier than being outnumbered by a team of rampaging maniacs. PopHorror has put together a list of the serial killer team-ups that left a mark in horror history. For this list, I won’t be including any supernatural serial killer teams. 

8. John Kramer, Amanda Young, and Mark Hoffman – The Saw Franchise

Throughout the Saw films, both the antagonists and the motives have changed. John Kramer was a cancer patient whose newest goal in life was to make people appreciate their own lives. Through his journey, he took on two protégés: Mark Hoffman and Amanda Young. Mark decided to copy John’s methods in order to exact revenge on his sister’s killer. Amanda was a drug addict and was taken under John’s wing after she survived one of his traps. These three don’t get along by a long shot. However, don’t ever cross one of them, because they’ll come up with some way to put you through Hell!

7. Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett – Sweeney Todd

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This Gothic musical brought us a couple that used the deaths of innocent people to their advantage. Although Sweeney was completely driven by revenge, he helped Mrs. Lovett’s Shop by providing the corpses for her meat pies. They may not have had the same goal, but they worked together to benefit each other against a city that turned its back on them. They brought beautiful music and bloody carnage to an already gloomy world.

6. The Strangers – The Strangers

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This trio is the most mysterious group on this list. They don’t bother thinking of a good motive to terrorize and murder someone. They’ll kill someone just for being home. You never see their faces and you don’t know a single thing about them. All you know is that they’re persistent in hunting and terrorizing.

5. Paul and Peter – Funny Games

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“Whether by knife, or whether by gun, losing your life can sometimes be fun!” Peter and Paul are probably the oddest duo on this list. They are very charming, and that charm allows them to invade people’s homes and play twisted games with the residents before killing them. The reason I ranked Paul and Peter higher than The Strangers is because they are much more intriguing. You don’t know anything about them, except that they’re patient, they’re manipulative, and they’re neat. They also are not afraid to break the fourth wall and manipulate time in their favor, all for the sake of the game.

4. Krug Stillo, Fred Podowski, and Sadie – The Last House On The Left

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This trio makes the list because they are ruthless and feel no consequences to the hell they bring to others. Krug Stillo, the leader of this bunch, escapes jail after killing a priest and two nuns. Fred Podowski (AKA Weasel) is his partner in crime, a pedophile and a peeping tom with a switchblade. Sadie is the crazy animal-like woman who’s not afraid to kick a dog to death. This trio created a nightmare for two teenage girls without a moment of hesitation.

3. Captain Spaulding, Baby Firefly and Otis Driftwood – The Devil’s Rejects

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The family that brutally massacres together stays together. Captain Spaulding, his daughter, Baby, and her brother, Otis, wreak havoc on innocent people as they run from the law. The only thing that matters to these people is family. They’ll kill anyone that gets in their way, and have fun doing it!

2. Billy Loomis and Stu Macher – Scream

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Billy and Stu were the duo that shocked horror fans in 1996. They were so cunning and sly, they were able to convince their whole town that there was only one killer. Billy was the mysterious, temperamental psychopath that lead everyone to believe that he was the killer. Stu was the underrated comic relief that absolutely no one suspected. They’re so insane, they’re willing to stab each other to pull off the perfect crime.

1. Mickey and Mallory Knox – Natural Born Killers

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Mickey and Mallory are the psycho dream couple that every deranged duo wishes they were. After they both suffered abusive childhoods, somewhere along the road, they found each other and instantly fell in love. After slaughtering Mallory’s parents, they embarked on a cross-country killing spree and had a good time every step of the way. Mickey and Mallory faced a lot of troubles, and caused even more trouble. They were willing to kill anyone or anything, and they never had to look for a reason to cause chaos. Whether or not you think Natural Born Killers is technically a horror film, there’s no doubting that you definitely don’t want to cross paths with these two.

These are PopHorror’s choices for the most ruthless serial killer teams. Did your favorite team of psychos make it on the list? Let us know in the comments! 

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