Last Survivors

Fright Fest 2021 Review: Drew Mylrea’s Science Fiction Thriller ‘Last Survivors’

I recently had the opportunity to check out the new science fiction thriller film, Last Survivors, which premiered at Fright Fest at the end of October. The film was directed by Drew Mylrea and written by Josh Janowicz. It stars  Stephen Moyer, Alicia Silverstone, and Drew Van Acker and centers on a father and son isolated in the wilderness who see their perfect world unravel when they encounter a beautiful stranger.

Last Survivors

Synopsis for Last Survivors

In a post-apocalyptic world thousands of miles away from the decayed cities, a Father (late 40s, Stephen Moyer) raises his now 20s SON (Drew Van Acker) in a perfect wooded utopia that he built for them having anticipated the wars coming. When the father is attacked by an “outsider,” his son is forced to travel to the “outside” world to find medicine. Ordered to kill any humans he encounters, the son defies his father by developing a forbidden relationship with a woman (Alicia Silverstone) also living in isolation, far from the decay. Despite his father’s suspicions and warnings, the son continues this dangerous relationship, and his father will stop at nothing to kill her to protect his son and the perfect Utopia he created.

In many ways, I would describe this film as Crush meets Blast from the Past, which ironically both stars Alicia Silverstone. If you’ve seen both of those films, you’ll know what I mean by this once you watch this film. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Last Survivors, but the story was intriguing and I loved all the actors. Although very predictable, I still found the story enjoyable and it had great character development. You can wait to see how things play out and if your suspicions are correct.

Last Survivors

Stephen Moyer was fantastic and delivered a strong and emotionally powered performance. You could tell he was disturbed but had much love for his son and his fear had taken over his life. Drew Van Acker was equally amazing his character development was one of the best parts of the film. It’s fun seeing him experience new things for the first time and his reaction to it. Alicia Silverstone was delightful and helped spice the story up.

Last Survivors

Last Survivors isn’t bloody by any means but the drama and suspense really drive the story and create a grim and claustrophobic atmosphere that makes us understand the fear and confusion that has plagued the characters. I also really enjoyed the beautiful cinematography and imagery throughout the film. It was breathtaking.

Final Thoughts

Last Survivors is currently making its way through the festival circuit. Stay tuned for updates as they come and be sure to check it out when you get an opportunity!

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