Interview With Jerry G. Angelo – Actor from ‘The Control Group’

After screening The Control Group, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the cast was eager to be interviewed about the project. Jerry G. Angelo was the first to respond, and he did so in a candid and open manner. His character in The Control Group is a good guy with just a hint of asshole. He was a joy to watch on screen. Jerry is a great actor and can pull off any look. He’s basically a chameleon – seriously, check out this guy’s IMDb page! See what he had to say about his character, the set, and working with favorite horror actor Brad Dourif.

Jerry G. Angelo

Pophorror: When preparing for your role in The Control Group, what process did you use to get in to character? How much could you relate to the character you were playing?

Jerry G. Angelo: Hanson was a blast to play. My type of branded character: Tough Guy with a Heart of Gold. Just throw in Berzerk Freaky Crow Zombies and you get Hanson.

Pophorror: Was there anything you found especially difficult about bringing your character to life?

Jerry G. Angelo: It wasn’t hard to do. We filmed on location at Kirkbride Mental Hospital. It’s been abandoned for decades, but the real life haunts and the lonely hallways speckled with rats and dead pigeons, bats, and miles of underground tunnels doesn’t leave much for the imagination. It is all real.

Pophorror: What was an exceptionally fun moment that you had on set?

Jerry G. Angelo: I enjoyed the heck out of working with Academy Award Winner Brad Dourif. I’ve known of Brad from Deadwood and X-Files and, of course, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, so for me as a newcomer, I couldn’t have been more blessed.

Pophorror: Was there any scene that terrified you while filming it? If so, what and why?

Jerry G. Angelo: When we were filming the scenes, there were times when we could have fun being scared in crazy situations with the entire cast and crew present, which come through in The Control Group. However, the scariest moments always came when your scene was wrapped and it was time to walk back to base camp…. Alone.

Pophorror: Do you have any upcoming projects that you could discuss?

Jerry G. Angelo: There are a couple fun things you can catch me in in 2017. I star in the epic war drama Warfighter which I also had the privilege to also write, produce, and direct. It’s a heartbreaking, inspiring story about a Navy SEAL team that makes the ultimate sacrifice to bring back an American POW. I also finished a project with Adult Swim that you can find on YouTube called Live At the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth. I am in a new SONY project currently titled Titan. Of course, you can see me as spokesperson caveman for the company Beard King now that I have a completely different look.


Pophorror: Is there anything that you would like to let the viewers know about your character from The Control Group that you feel they need to understand to appreciate him/her?

Jerry G. Angelo: Well, you know what just occurred to me and makes me laugh every time I think about it. The scene where I am sawing off Taso’s head, I was always so involved in my actions that when he scares back to life, I swear to God my heart stopped each time and we did a lot of takes… Kinda funny.

Pophorror: Being that the film delves in to the supernatural, do you have any crazy ghost stories you would like to share?

Jerry G. Angelo: Don’t play with Ouija Boards.

Pophorror: The film also has an underlying story arch about social interaction, trust, and friendship. This is highly relatable when it comes to today’s society. What other actors did you relate to most?

Jerry G. Angelo: Larry Laverty was such wonderful friend to make on set. Every morning, we would have breakfast together. I always found the humor in busting his chops for making his goulash where, no matter what we were being served, rest assured, it all ended up in one pile of gloop in the middle of his plate. Larry was a great talent.

I would like to thank Jerry G. Angelo for taking the time to do the interview. The Control Group has a March 20th VOD release date. Set aside your money and spend it on something that will count!

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