Beyond Dark Dreams

Sadistic Indie: ‘BEYOND DARK DREAMS’ (2021) – Review

As a writer, there’s a short list of things worse than writer’s block. Among those things, surely misplacing your indie movie makes the list. Beyond Dark Dreams was primarily filmed in 2014, most footage was thought lost for the next six years until it was discovered on a hard drive and reassembled enough for independent filmmaker Joseph Russio to complete his movie.

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Beyond Dark Dreams Synopsis

Wandering alone through his dark house, a struggling writer comes into possession of a mysterious drug. Its effect causes strange hallucinations, but as the night progresses, his visions become a hellish reality.

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Beyond Dark Dreams
Beyond Dark Dreams(2021) was Director Joseph Russio, Distributed by Goredrome Pictures, Staring – Fred Adams (The Bar Gentleman) Hannah S. Black (The Reader) Jennifer DiBlasio (The Love Interest) Anabel Humble (The Second Victim) Alexandria Lewis (The Listener) Shanis McGee (The Bar Beauty) Stephanie Riker (Bucket of Blood) Joseph Russio (The Writer) Jarrod Yerkes (The Musician) Rob Stanley (Guy in Love Interest flashback)

The Setup

A writer puts himself in an old house so he can get past his writer’s block. After investigating a noise in the basement, when he returns upstairs, he discovers a syringe full of a green mystery drug. So naturally, the writer injects this unknown substance into his arm in hopes of inspiration. Give him life or give him death. The writer begins to have visions while lying on the floor. He witnesses acts of morbid torture and the truly grim. The audience is left to believe if it was all a dream, or did it happen? Could it all be just a green mystery-induced trip? 

The Payoff

Beyond Dark Dreams combines indie cinematography with ghastly imagery to create a film that not only looks raw but creates a great atmosphere of rigidity. I enjoyed the simplicity of the story and the pacing. Good ideas are simple, and Beyond Dark Dreams stayed on track. The film drops you in swiftly while tethering you to the chaos of a short story and pulls you back before it becomes too abstract. 

Beyond Dark Dreams (2021) Final Thoughts

Overall, Beyond Dark Dreams is a bountiful piece of indie horror cinema. Every scene is bizarre, and the story works with it to create something unique. This is one you will not want to skip. Check out Beyond Dark Dreams On Digital today or grab it on DVD from Goredrome.

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