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‘THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT’ (2023) – Review

The Devil Comes At Night

Demons, cults, and cannibalism? I’m in. I first saw the trailer when PopHorror posted the news The Devil Comes at Night was coming soon. I was immediately intrigued by Uncork’d Entertainment’s new horror and Scott Leaver’s (Fare Trade – TV Series) directional debut. The Devil Comes at Night Synopsis A …

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‘EVIL DEAD RISE’ (2023) Review – Not Your Mother’s Necronomicon

Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Finally! 10 years after the franchise’s last installment of Evil Dead (2013), passionate, loyal fans are rewarded with this year’s most anticipated horror – sorry Ghostface – EVIL DEAD RISE (2023). Executive produced by horror royalty Sam Raimi (Evil Dead (1981) and Bruce Campbell (Ash vs Evil Dead (2019), the …

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F*ck Space: ‘KIDS VS. ALIENS’ (2023) – Review

Kids vs. Aliens

When I found out one of my favorite horror anthologies, V/H/S, was getting its own spin-off movie, I was both stoked and concerned. The vignette was Alien Abduction Slumber Party on V/H/S/2 (2013). Now, I’m on the record saying that the V/H/S/2 is a perfect movie – you can read …

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Sadistic Indie: ‘BEYOND DARK DREAMS’ (2021) – Review

Beyond Dark Dreams

As a writer, there’s a short list of things worse than writer’s block. Among those things, surely misplacing your indie movie makes the list. Beyond Dark Dreams was primarily filmed in 2014, most footage was thought lost for the next six years until it was discovered on a hard drive …

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Hurricanes and Cocaine: ‘BODIES BODIES BODIES’ (2022) – Review

Bodies Bodies Bodies

A Gen Z Hurricane party, booze, edibles, coke, toxic friendships, and Tinder dates. What could go right? Being a homegrown west coast kid I genuinely feel left out on ‘hurricane parties.’ Earthquake parties just don’t have the same ring to them. Either way, I was surprised to see Pete Davidson …

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Celebrating 60 Years: 10 Fun Facts About Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘THE BIRDS’

The Birds (1963)

The Birds turns 60 on March 28, 2023. To celebrate PopHorror compiled a list of fun facts. The Birds follows a young woman Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) as she meets a charming man, Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) in a San Francisco pet store and decides to join him on his …

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A Difficult Conversation – ‘KNOCK AT THE CABIN’ (2023) – Spoiler Free Review

Knock at the Cabin

I never know what to expect when entering an M. Night Shyamalan (Old (2021), Servant (2019-23) movie. For years, the Sixth Sense (1999) and Signs (2002) were high water marks of entertainment in my imagination. Meanwhile, the scars of The Village (2004) and The Happening (2008) hinder my eagerness to …

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