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Sadistic Indie: ‘BEYOND DARK DREAMS’ (2021) – Review

Beyond Dark Dreams

As a writer, there’s a short list of things worse than writer’s block. Among those things, surely misplacing your indie movie makes the list. Beyond Dark Dreams was primarily filmed in 2014, most footage was thought lost for the next six years until it was discovered on a hard drive …

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Review: Marcel Walz’s Wonderfully Gory ‘La Petite Mort’

One of the latest additions to the Unearthed Films catalog is Marcel Walz’s, La Petite Mort. Conceived in 2009, Walz’s early walk on the wild side features the priceless FX talents of Olaf Ittenbach. If that name isn’t ringing a bell, well, ol’ Olaf is responsible for the likes of …

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One PopHorror Writer’s Top 5 Most Extreme Horror Movies

Growing up, I remember walking down the video store aisles looking at all the horror movies. I was old enough to watch some films, but with horror, it wasn’t going to happen based on the content. My parents just wouldn’t rent them for me. So, I was stuck catching any …

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Nightmares Film Festival 2021 Interview: ‘FUKT’ Filmmakers Sydney Clara Brafman, Brooklyn Ewing, and Jessie Seitz

Extreme horror is a divisive subgenre usually suited for more seasoned horror audiences and delivers fans buckets of blood and violence. With FUKT, a new anthology that premiered at Nightmares Film Festival this year, the bloodshed is brought on by a new set of storytellers focusing on extreme horrors seen through …

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XXX Cannibal Film ‘Flesh Eater X’, Latest From SamHel – Movie Review

Prolific underground provocateur, SamHel, is at it again. After creating some of the most subversive and sought after titles for those that like to experience experimental cinema (Love Dump, Vania, Sadistic Pleasures), he’s back with Flesh Eater X.  If this is your introduction to SamHel, let me assure you that …

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Grab Your Keys To Elk’s Point and Venture Into Josh Davis’ ‘Implosion of Chaos’

implosion of chaos

Need something dark and brutal to read to escape from the horrors of reality? Well, grab the keys to Elk’s Point and venture no further! Author Josh Davis’ new sadistic story, Implosion of Chaos, delivers a horrifying and bloody tale that will keep you up at night. Synopsis for Implosion …

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‘Plank Face’ and ‘Snuff 102’ Coming to DVD via TetroVideo in February

TetroVideo is proud to present Plank Face and Snuff 102 coming to DVD on February 1. Starting today both titles come in a limited Digipack edition of  150 copies including a DVD and a Collector’s card. PLANK FACE Plank Face is the third film by director Scott Schirmer (Found, Harvest …

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The Dedication Behind The Extreme Horror Sensation, 29 Needles – An Interview With Filmmaker Scott Philip Goergens

It was a gray, overcast day when I had the opportunity to speak to artist and filmmaker Scott Philip Goergens; a day much like those depicted within his movie, 29 Needles, as if nature was helping set the perfect backdrop to my morning conversation. My mind was still reeling from …

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UnearthedFilms.com Re-Design Unveiled Ahead of Special Edition Release of ‘A Serbian Film’


Unearthed Films is kicking off the new year with a new website ahead of three upcoming releases, including a special edition Blu-Ray and DVD release of A SERBIAN FILM on Jan. 19. Unearthed Films is also accepting pre-orders for 29 NEEDLES, the latest addition to its Too Extreme For Mainstream …

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Poster, Exclusive Images, and Teaser Trailer for TetroVideo’s ‘Vore Gore’ An Upcoming Extreme Horror Anthology

Vore Gore

Check out the poster, exclusive images, and teaser trailer for TetroVideo’s upcoming release Vore Gore (2021), the extreme horror anthology about vorarephilic fantasies often connected with sexual masochism. Vorarephilia, or vore for short, is an uncommon paraphilia characterized by the erotic desire to be consumed by or to personally consume …

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