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Review – Josh Graves’s ‘LATE CHECKOUT’ (2023): Small Town. Large Body Count…

Late Checkout

Say what you will about B-rated horrors, but Indie slashers are a national treasure. If you follow Pophorror on socials, you may have seen the bloody trending trailer for new indie Director Josh Graves’s (The House That Eats Flesh 2023) Late Checkout. The trailer is pretty metal that’s masterly, right …

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Paul Dale and Austin Frosch’s ‘Killer Kites’ (2023): It’s Not The Scariest Horror Movie, But It’s Up There! – Movie Review

When it comes to inanimate objects going sentient, we may have thought we’d seen it all. There’s been killer cars, plants, hair, heaters, beds, pants, tires, and yes, my personal favorite, tomatoes. But may I interest you in killer kites? When I was first shown the Killer Kites promo to …

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No Quarter: ‘DISTRESS SIGNALS’ (2023) – Movie Review

Distress Signals

Lions don’t pick off the weakest prey of the herd, they pick out the one that’s the furthest away. Modern predators in civilization can be in our inner friend circles, daddy-issue creeper dudes in the woods, or even just intrusive thoughts of our own minds,- I call them ‘the shitty …

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Sadistic Indie: ‘BEYOND DARK DREAMS’ (2021) – Review

Beyond Dark Dreams

As a writer, there’s a short list of things worse than writer’s block. Among those things, surely misplacing your indie movie makes the list. Beyond Dark Dreams was primarily filmed in 2014, most footage was thought lost for the next six years until it was discovered on a hard drive …

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Hell is a Trip: Luke Momo’s ‘CAPSULES’ (2022) – Movie Review


Capsules was directed and co-written by Luke Momo (The Stamp Collector (2021). It stars Kate Pittard (Spoiler Alert (2022), Davis Browne (Control (2016), Marcus Fahey (Debut (2021) and Caroline Potter Shriver. Capsules (2022) Synopsis After experimenting with mysterious substances, four chem students find themselves addicted in the worst way possible: …

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Michael Lombardi’s ‘THE RETALIATORS’ (2022) Blu-Ray Review

The Retaliators (2022)

I’m a huge fan of revenge films, low-budget horror films, and heavy metal. It stands to reason that the indie horror/revenge film The Retaliators, which stars and features music from some of the biggest bands from the rock/metal scene, would be right up my alley.  Did The Retaliators satisfy my …

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‘SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS’ (2023) – Movie Review

She Came From The Woods (2022)

I’m such a sucker for slasher films. For me, there is just something enthralling about watching normal people fighting to survive the night against someone or something that is stalking them. Throw in supernatural elements and I’ll love it even more. That’s why when I heard about She Came From …

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‘The Civil Dead’ (2022) Rolling Out To Theaters Nationwide

Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas’s The Civil Dead is rolling out to Alamo Drafthouse locations all over the United States starting today, February 3, 2023! The tour features live Q&As with the filmmakers. Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! The Civil Dead (2022) Synopsis Clay …

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