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Arcadian (2024): A Heroic Creature Feature

Ladies and gentlemen, horror aficionados, and Nicolas Cage enthusiasts, welcome to the bone-chilling world of Arcadian. Buckle up as we embark on a journey through the twisted corridors of terror and suspense. But fair warning – this isn’t your typical Nicolas Cage flick, so prepare yourselves for a ride unlike …

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25 Years of ‘IDLE HANDS’ (1999): Hands-Down Still The Best Slasher Comedy

Remember back in 1999 when everyone was anxious about Y2K? Amidst all the uncertainty, the film Idle Hands quietly made its way into theaters. It’s one of those underrated movies that delivers a hit of nostalgia. This film is a unique blend of horror, comedy, teen slasher, and stoner themes, …

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Possession on Air: ‘LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL’ (2024) – Review

Alright, horror hounds, and late-night talk show lovers, let’s dive into the dark depths of my cinematic soul. Found-footage horror flicks and possession movies are my jam—there’s something about that raw, shaky-cam edge that draws me in and doesn’t let go. When you stir that creepy, paranormal vibe into the …

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‘THE PASSENGER’ (2023): A Cinematic Odyssey Of Fear And Self-Discovery

Buckle up, moviegoers, because The Passenger isn’t your run-of-the-mill psychological thriller – it’s a riveting journey into the abyss of fear, survival, and the ghosts that haunt our past. Directed by Carter Smith (The Ruins 2008 – read our interview with him HERE) and penned by Jack Stanley (Lou 2022), …

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Your Friend ‘Til The End: ‘CHILD’S PLAY’ (1988) Turns 35

Child's Play

Greetings, slasher enthusiasts! Today, we find ourselves delving deep into the unsettling world of Child’s Play, a horror classic that’s managed to entertain us for a staggering 35 years. And when I say Child’s Play, you know I’m referring to the one and only Chucky, though I prefer his Christian …

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Aliens and Consumerism: ‘THEY LIVE’ (1988) Still Kicking Ass at 35

They Live

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, John Carpenter’s They Live keeps kicking reality’s ass and making you question the whole circus of life. This 1988 cult classic is a subversive masterclass, mixing sci-fi, social commentary, and sardonic humor like a cocktail that’ll leave you pondering well into the next century. -Soapbox moment. …

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Unearthing Dread: A Deep Dive into Demian Rugna’s ‘When Evil Lurks’ (2023) – Movie Review

Prepare yourself for a dark cinematic experience that is When Evil Lurks. It unfolds into a film that refreshingly doesn’t play by the rules and delves into the depths of violent suspense and terror, right from the opening title card scene that could rival the aftermath of Leatherface’s infamous chainsaw. …

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Brandon Christensen’s ‘The Puppetman’ (2023) Pulls No Strings – Movie Review

Okay, let’s get real for a moment. The Puppetman is not your generic horror spectacle. Nope. It’s more like a dive into the deep end of malevolence, brought to you by none other than Brandon Christensen, a director who’s got a knack for shaking up the status quo. Imagine this, …

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