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Movies are my air. You can find me writing about them, specifically my adoration of the horror genre, in various places, such as: 1.) The white tile floors of abandoned Kmart buildings across America 2.) The back of Taco Bell receipts when cashiers ask me to take the online survey 3.) Your mom's diary

With ‘Prequelle’, Ghost is Coming for Your Soul (Album Review)

Ghost is back with a brand new album, and, in short, it’s really fucking good. The LP, titled Prequelle, marks the Swedish band’s fourth release and their first full-length production since 2015’s Grammy-winning Meliora. Acclaim and notoriety were firmly within the grasp of the outfit upon the release of that …

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Andrew Lincoln is Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ in Season 9

No, this isn’t another faux internet article baiting you into believing that The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln will be stepping away from the character of Rick Grimes. Though, if we’re being honest, we do wish that were the case. Collider has exclusively announced that Lincoln will be making his exit …

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Movie Review: Regionrat (2018) Suffers From Identity Crisis

**The following review for Regionrat is spoiler free.** I hail from Sanford, North Carolina. To the passersby heading into larger cities such as Raleigh or Fayetteville, we’re a simple, small town in the center of the state. They’re surely aware that there’s no real excitement happening here in Sanford, save …

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Jay Ryan Joins ‘It: Chapter Two’ as Ben Hanscom

New Zealand’s Jay Ryan is the latest performer to float into the cast of It: Chapter Two. Per Deadline, the Mary Kills People actor is set to play Ben Hanscom in the highly anticipated horror sequel. Jay Ryan, who has notably starred in the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, as …

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James Ransone to Play Eddie Kaspbrack in ‘It: Chapter Two’

The cast of It: Chapter Two is finally coming together. Following the recent announcements that Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader would be joining the cast as the adult versions of Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, and Richie Tozier, respectively, we now have confirmation that James Ransone and Andy Bean …

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‘The Endless’ Hits Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on June 26th!

The Endless, the highly acclaimed supernatural thriller from collaborative directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, is coming to Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on June 26th from Well Go USA Entertainment- and the film is absolutely a must-own. Telling the story of two brothers who return to a UFO death cult …

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Review: Island Zero (2017) Gets Lost at Sea

Island Zero

Isolation is a frequently effective plot device in horror. There are few things more terrifying than being cut off from any potential savior while *insert horror villain here* is trying to kill you. Bringing to mind films like The Thing, and more accurately, 30 Days of Night, Josh Gerritsen‘s Island Zero places …

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Why Netflix Should Revive ‘The Exorcist’

I’m of the mindset that William Friedkin’s The Exorcist is a masterpiece of the horror genre. Despite the film’s modern divisiveness (Apparently it’s “cool” to laugh at the movie and claim it to be overrated), it remains the only movie that truly frightens me to my core and brings me …

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‘The Lodgers’ (2018) Review: As Fate Would Have It

Brian O’Malley’s The Lodgers bleeds luscious Gothic beauty from its first frame to its last. O’Malley, intact with an old-school style of genre film-making, has, above all, crafted a ghostly tale that, in regard to its aesthetic, feels like a classic horror film in a modern era. It’s gorgeous, ghostly, …

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First ‘The Predator’ Trailer is Dug in Like an Alabama Tick

The Predator

Shane Black‘s The Predator has been a hot topic of discussion since the release of the very first still image. It seemed that two out of every three people hated the image with a fiery passion, and honestly, we’re kind of expecting the same thing from this trailer. Personally, I …

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