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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot’

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

In regard to all-time great movie titles, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot doesn’t really pose an argument as much as end the discussion completely. It’s the most beautiful collection of words that have ever been strung together, honestly. The title is badass, straightforward… and still, somehow, totally …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘Satan’s Slaves’ Will Scare You Senseless

satan's slaves

Joko Anwar’s Satan’s Slaves is screening at Fantasia Fest 2018, and it might just be the scariest movie you’ll see at the event – or all year, for that matter. The Indonesian horror film has already enjoyed success in its home country, but now it’s poised to take over the …

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The Domestics (2018) is the Violent, Old-School Pulp You’ve Been Longing For

the domestics

There’s something charming about a self-aware genre film that wears its tropes like a badge of honor. In the case of The Domestics, what you see is undeniably what, and all, you get – but that’s okay. It’s a nightmarish cross between Mad Max, The Warriors and The Crazies, and it’s …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: Five Films We’re Dying to see

fantasia fest 2018

Fantasia International Film Festival is taking over Montreal, Canada, on July 12th, bringing with it dozens of highly anticipated films. We’re stoked to be covering the festival, which continues to be one of our favorite yearly events, and we’re counting down the days until we can fully immerse ourselves in …

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[Cinepocalypse 2018] ‘Mainline’ Review: Time Travel Ain’t Easy


As someone who desperately wants to revisit the 1990’s and convince my parents not to give their eldest son a bowl cut before his first year of school, I’m just not ready to give up on the possibility of time travel. If there’s one thing to be expected about the …

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5 Must-See Indie Horror Performances of the Decade so far

indie horror performances

The horror genre is enjoying a historic decade, with multiple films joining the ranks of the greatest scary movies ever made. Apart from those films, however, the 2010’s have also brought with them several incredible indie horror efforts worth raving about, especially in regard to their performances. When the budget …

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Ewan McGregor to Play Adult Danny Torrance in ‘The Shining’ Sequel

ewan mcgregor

We’ve long wondered who would be taking over the role of Danny Torrance in Mike Flanagan’s big screen adaptation of Doctor Sleep, and after months of speculation, it appears that Ewan McGregor has the high ground. Per Variety, McGregor has accepted the coveted role, with Stephen King giving his blessing …

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TTCF 2018 Film Review: ‘The Stranger’ Will Give you Trust Issues

the stranger

The internet can be a terrifying place. There are tremendous benefits, sure, but far too often, the web serves as a veil for scumbags to hide behind. The Stranger, Nicole Nielsen Horanyi’s semi-documentary, highlights one such case, and will surely make you think twice before giving your trust to someone …

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5 Movies That Would be Improved by a Killer Shark

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again. You know, that several-month stretch in which your electricity bill skyrockets and you can’t step outside of your home without the skin melting from your face like the Nazi in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The only solace for heat-haters such as …

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A ‘Tales from the Hood’ Sequel is on its way!

Timing, as they say, is everything. We’re a lifetime removed from the 1995 release of horror anthology Tales from the Hood, and, until now, there was no real reason for a sequel to ever exist. Tackling themes of racism and police brutality, among other hot button issues, the anthology remains …

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