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Movies are my air. You can find me writing about them, specifically my adoration of the horror genre, in various places, such as: 1.) The white tile floors of abandoned Kmart buildings across America 2.) The back of Taco Bell receipts when cashiers ask me to take the online survey 3.) Your mom's diary

Interview: Jenny Pellicer Dishes on her Favorite Kill in ‘Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich’

jenny pellicer

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich has brought the decades-spanning horror franchise front and center, with audiences either raving about the uncompromising brutality and blood-soaked fun or taking issue with the depiction of Nazi puppet hate crimes. Neither viewer is wrong. We had the chance to speak Jenny Pellicer, who plays …

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Arizona (2018) is Trapped Between Two Movies (Review)


Set during the housing crisis of 2009, Arizona is a pitch-black horror comedy about an angry suburban homeowner who, instead of directing his frustration into some sort of therapy or accepting any responsibility for the way his life is falling apart, murders his real estate agent, kidnaps another, and goes …

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‘Channel Zero: Candle Cove’ Will Get Its Hook In You (Television Review)

candle cove

Candle Cove, the first season of horror anthology series Channel Zero, premiered on the Syfy network in October of 2016. The series was quick to gain a cult following, in part because of its established fan base from the creepypasta story that it’s based on, and it spared no expense …

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Spooky Spotlight: Interview With Regina Stephens, Horror Artist and Writer

Regina Stephens

Horror is art. Recently, I’ve been turned on to the work of Regina Stephens, a wildly talented horror artist and writer whose work I’d like to share with all of you. I had the chance to speak with her about her work and process ahead of the release of her new chapter-by-chapter …

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Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich (2018) is Tasteless, Brutal, and F*cking Rad

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

If you’ve ever wanted to see a decapitated man urinating on his own head, I have just the movie for you. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, directed by Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, is a modern update on the classic series, and while it bears enough similarities to please the die-hards, …

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Life, Death and Movies: A Conversation About Depression (Editorial)


I’ve been staring at this blank white page for days, wondering where to begin. It’s funny–when I write stories or film-related articles, beginnings are the easy part. But when it’s your story that you’re telling, when you’re allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable for eyes who only recognize you in …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: The Old Woman Who Hid Her Fear Under the Stairs – Movie Review

the old woman who hid her fear under the stairs

Anxiety is a monster. Even on two separate medications for my own anxiety disorder, the illness is still prone to snarl its teeth and tear at my throat from time to time. Fear and dread are my life partners, and they’re both stone-cold bitches who are nearly impossible to live …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘Brothers’ Nest’ is a Pitch Black Family Affair

brothers' nest

Our coverage of Fantasia Fest 2018 continues with Clayton Jacobson’s Brothers’ Nest, a pitch black comedy about brothers who are planning the elaborately detailed murder of their stepfather, hoping to inspire their dying mother to include them in her last will and testament.  Though it sounds far from funny on …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ Will Rattle You

tigers are not afraid

Fantasia Film Festival is underway, and if you’re attending, you may want to invest in a box of Kleenex before seeing Tigers Are Not Afraid (Spanish title: Vuelven). The profoundly moving film comes from writer/director Issa López, and follows a group of young children who have been personally victimized by the Mexican drug …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘One Cut of the Dead’ is a Different Kind of Zombie Film

one cut of the dead

One Cut of the Dead simply can’t be reviewed without spoilers, so continue no further if you want to remain spoiler-free. Zombie films hold a special place in my heart. As someone who frequently comfort-watches Night of the Living Dead in order to unwind before bed, I’ve yet to fall …

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